Artificial Intelligence (AI) used within dating apps is just an aspect of the growing technological invasion in our intimate relationships. Not only the users of dating apps are using chatbots to heighten the chances of impressing a partner, but also the apps themselves are using AI for most of their work.

Dating apps gamify the arena of love and sex by urging users to swipe right based on desirability and attractiveness. Some apps use AI to learn which visual features are more attractive for a user and based on this, filters out the rest. 

SexTech Is The New Future

SexTech is a booming market and is expected to cross USD 37 Billion this year. The rapid innovations taking place in the field of sex tech have led to wild speculations of the future.

Virtual Reality is projected to enable immersive cybersex. Haptic suits will allow long-distance intimacy. Remote sex will integrate holograms and devices. Brain-to-brain interfaces can tap into the brain’s pleasure centre, reducing the need to touch.

Researchers argue that it is time for “space organizations to embrace a new discipline, space sexology: the scientific study of extraterrestrial intimacy and sexuality.” SexTech is expected to play a role in space sexology.

Daily Beast reports, “apart from VR and augmented reality, teledildonics or sex toys that connect across distances may allow those in space to be intimate with their partner back on Earth.”

Changes In Human-Human Interaction

Technology is blurring traditional definitions of sexual partners. It was predicted, in 2015, that human-robot sex would become more common than human-human sex as soon as 2050. The potential of robots to dissolve barriers around gender and sex reveals how sex tech can foster a more holistic understanding of sexual pleasure.

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Various sex doll brothels have emerged in Europe. BBC reported a client’s view, “A prostitute is a real person and can judge you for how you look or the fantasies you have. A doll can’t do that. With a doll, all I have to think about is my own satisfaction.” 

The Swaddle reports that The Future of Sex report predicts that with advanced sex tech, alternate sexual communities will emerge that will allow individuals to explore their kinks and erotic fantasies in a safe, non-judgmental space that is virtual.

This has led to the emergence of a new, technology-driven sexual identity called digisexuality. The experiences with sexual technology are becoming integral to individuals’ sexual identity, and some will eventually prefer them to direct sexual interactions with humans.

Consent And Privacy

As sexual intercourse has moved from the physical to the digital domain, digital footprints would record the most intimate details of our lives. The sex data can be revealed and exposed publicly. 

Advancements in sexbots can potentially become a way to enforce the silencing of women. As sex robots are mostly modelled on women, they are highly suggestive of the objectified representation of women in pornography.

Also, there are concerns about consent for having sex with someone virtually. When AI and virtual reality allow for superimposing others’ images onto computer-generated avatars for their sexual satisfaction, then nobody can stop someone from creating doppelgangers and replicas of their celebrity crushes without their consent.

SexTech can battle the stigma around sexual intercourse and fight out gender binaries. The emergence of alternate sexualities is one of the many positive implications of SexTech. SexTech is redefining the dynamics of sex and breaking the traditional notions of physical intimacy.

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