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Believing in Your Potential to Motivate Others to Succeed: The Experience of Charlotte Graham and Her Team of 3000 People


In many cases, hearing that a young person is successful, manages to generate an income passively, or earns more than $2,000 per month without having to work 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week, is not very credible. Today, some people see this as something out of the ordinary, that they do not consider real. However, stories like Charlotte Graham’s show the feasibility of these facts and how it is possible to achieve financial freedom properly.

Charlotte is a 26 year old girl who decided to stop working as an industrial engineer and to dedicate herself to the network marketing industry. This action was motivated because, at the age of 22, she met a young man of the same age, who earned more than 20 thousand dollars a month. Although at first, she was a little skeptical of this experience, believing that it was not “normal” to have that amount of income, it was only a limitation of her mind.

“I realized that I didn’t see it as normal because I had never seen anything like it. For someone so young to generate so much income without a regular job, I found it hard to understand”. However, Charlotte decided that this was the path she wanted to follow because, with her job and profession, it was mathematically impossible to achieve her personal goals and ambitions.

Without much experience, but with great confidence in her abilities and her instinct, she dared to take action and take the first step towards her goals. She started to be part of marketing networks three years ago and since then, a path of knowledge and learning has taken her very far.

Take Advantage of The Opportunities

Asking what Charlotte did to achieve success in her professional career is certainly inevitable. First of all, this young woman assures us that trusting herself was the first step in motivating herself. Believing that she was capable (which she still is) of achieving everything she set out to do has led her to see results in a short time.

With only 7 months in the company, she reached the level of Chairman 10, and almost three years later, she is positioned as Chairman 50, a rank that only a percentage has managed to obtain.

She emphasizes that taking advantage of the opportunity was one of the biggest challenges. However, she was sure that she could not let the moment pass and decided to start, even without experience or skills. But with the focus on what she wanted to achieve and the willingness to work for it.

Constant Preparation

For Charlotte, preparation is elementary. She points out that anyone, no matter what goal they are pursuing, must remain in constant preparation. Even when someone doesn’t know the path they want to follow, they must be prepared to recognize the opportunities and the exact moment when they can start working on their goals.

This young entrepreneur ensures that even when you are at the top of your game, that you have achieved excellent results, the preparation should never stop. Even more so when part of your mission is to lead other people on the road to achieving their goals.

In your case, you have a group of more than 3,000 members within the company. On the other hand, she has been a speaker in more than 10 different countries, achieving to impact the lives of more than 100 thousand people. Therefore, the need to keep in constant preparation is permanent.

The Growth Born in Areas of Discomfort

Getting out of the comfort zone has been without a doubt one of the biggest challenges Charlotte has had to experience. However, she assures that the results and each experience she has had have been worth the effort.

She emphasizes that, for anyone with the intention of undertaking in any area, leaving a safe space should be elementary. For it is precisely in that area where there is discomfort that one finds the necessary tools to achieve growth and the impulse to move forward. 

The Total Balance Does not Exist

She also emphasizes that sacrifices are inevitable. While you are busy flying towards your goals, other areas of your life may suffer from an imbalance, be it family, social, among others. This should not be a cause for concern, as it indicates that the imbalance is not forever.

However, it should be noted that in the beginning, it is inevitable to go through this type of effort to see greater results. From her personal experience, devoting more focus on achieving your goals will provide better results.

Currently, Charlotte is even more focused on her growth. Although she assures that she is happier than ever, she emphasizes that she will never stop looking within her professional environment for ways to grow and move forward.   


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