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BFine Launches Platform To Increase Global Access To Real Estate Investment


BFine, a blockchain-powered real estate platform connecting property owners and investors, has opened its project in late July 2020. Headquartered in Florida with the management of Technotime Inc, BFine aims to provide all investors equal access to high quality global real estate investments which were previously never accessible to everyone.

By developing a secure mobile application – WeLand as a marketplace for property owners looking to tokenize and sell their own real estate assets, BFine teams believe tokenization enables a worldwide marketplace for real estate investment, and it is the next step in the evolution of the industry.

The Platform For Everyone

WeLand, which will be launched in Q2-2021, will help direct asset purchases and sales on the platform through blockchain technology and smart contracts. This allows the process of issuing digital assets-backed securities to be simpler and more efficient through tokenization, while at the same time more cost-effective than conventional investment channels.

By subdividing ownership of expensive real estate into digitized security tokens, fractional ownership allows investors to own a portion of the asset while earning similar returns by buying all property.


WeLand offers opportunities for smaller investments, real estate asset verification, easy investor onboarding, hassle-free purchase of global real estate.

For investors, the simple-to-use interface allows investors to select from the list of equity via the app, with a minimum of US $100 in investment per asset.

With WeLand, it significantly reduces the time spent on transactions and paperwork for real estate stakeholders including. This allows stakeholders to focus on the value-added aspects to maximize the success of their projects and for greater benefit to the community.

It’s fascinating that blockchain brings transparency and accountability to most industries through a verifiable public ledger. While blockchain is still a relatively new technology, its disruptive impact cuts across most industries, and has been doing a lot to be the face of blockchain in the real estate industry.

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