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Strategic Business Partnership Between out of Stock and a Global Fake Product Inspection Group


Leading the fake product verification innovation of limited edition sneakers

Seoul, Korea – Out of Stock (CEO Jinhee Yoon), Korea’s first limited edition trading platform, has announced that it has signed an exclusive contract with IVA Corporation (CEO Yoshio Aihara), Asia’s top inspection company.

IVA Co., Ltd., the largest global inspection company in Asia based in Tokyo, Japan, was established in 2019 and currently conducts more than 15,000 monthly fake product inspections on limited edition products (sneakers, clothing) and is notably in charge of inspections for SNKRDUNK, Japan’s largest limited-edition sneakers trading platform. It has also been growing into a global inspection company, launching last month’s inspection of Rakuma, the market place service of Japan’s largest online commerce company Rakuten, and launching the “Rakuma Relief Service.”

“IVA Co., Ltd. is the largest company in Asia and provides limited-edition product authenticity verification service with the highest expertise, and is innovating inspection by utilizing various experienced and professional appraisers, state-of-the-art devices, and AI appraisal technologies,” said an Out of Stock official.

Recently, under the prospect that the trading market for limited-edition sneakers will grow rapidly in Korea, Naver, Musinsa, and other domestic companies, have launched limited edition product trading platforms to jump into competition with Out of Stock. Under these circumstances, Out of Stock reorganized the competition in the market into a BIG3 structure in July when it announced its joint project with LOTTE Department Store, the fifth largest retailer in the world.

Meanwhile, with the growth of the market, there are a variety of demands for the role of a brokerage platform, the core of the transaction process. The core is focused on the safe brokerage of trading products, judging the authenticity of the traded products. The birth of the brokerage trading platform started from the market’s demand for safer and more reliable transactions, breaking away from the existing faulty trading platform, but recently, the controversy over fake goods continues to raise concerns from consumers.

Since the launch of the platform, Out of Stock has had zero fake products traded so far, partly because it has systemized the inspection of regular products and set up an inspection team that includes the most famous inspection experts in the market and professional inspection personnel from individual brands.

In addition, the strategic partnership with the ‘AKE BUSTERS’ service of IVA Corporation, Asia’s top inspection company, is being evaluated by the industry as having the best inspection system in Asia through watertight complex inspection. Based on this confidence, Out of Stock is currently holding a 990 won regular product inspection event, which is drawing explosive attention from the market.

An industry source said, “The issue of fake products caused by the growth of the limited edition market was a matter to be raised one day, and having a platform that solves these problems early and provides services that suit consumers’ tastes will determine the success of the service and lead to early maturity of the market.”

On the other hand, Out of Stock CEO Yun Jin-hee said, “The partnership between Out of Stock and IVA Co., Ltd. is a company that puts the pride of being the first platform in Korea and a company that prioritizes consumer trust as a market-leading company. It is a preemptive reflection of the market’s demands for the market,” he said. “She expressed confidence that they will “do the utmost to do more accurate and sophisticated inspections of products, and will maximize customer satisfaction by introducing new services that lead to market innovation.”

Along with the growth of the limited edition product trading market, it is time to pay attention to various competitive services introduced by each trading platform.

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