To rise to the level of legendary, it is always suggested to think and dream big. Jitender Girdhar, with his ground-breaking work, “Think Epic: Rewire Your Brain and Recreate Your Story into a Bestseller,” takes a step ahead in this direction. Through his book, the author inspires the readers to make their life a saga and gives the necessary guidance and advice that any person would need on the road to making their story into a bestseller.

“Think Epic” is broadly divided into three sections. Each section opens the readers’ eyes to different perspectives with the author’s pragmatic and realistic approach. While the first section begins from an individualistic level, the second takes a plunge into the realistic view of the author, and the third is about the one-on-one relationship between humans and technology.

Amidst this approach, the author unveils and talks about various issues that the readers may confront in their lives at any stage. He busts different myths that cloud the reader’s minds, the fears they face, and the errors they commit.

The book bears the impressions of both the earlier times and the contemporary technology-driven world, which finds its way through the author’s pen. The author draws the difference between times and how people’s lives are placed amid this phase of a technological boom. These are crucial factors that connect the readers instantly to the book, and they read through it without any second thought.

There are no set of far-fetched ideas or long sermons of preaching, directing a reader for what should be done and what shouldn’t. Instead, the author takes an objective and a suitable approach for the present era when the world is in a resurgent mode to rise from the remnants of the covid times. The book serves the purpose of brain-storming the readers’ minds and gives them a fresh new perspective to think and perceive the situations. Categorizing “Think Epic” as motivational or inspirational or any of that sort would undermine the treasure this book is. It defines a genre of its own which is a product of the author’s experience professionally and personally.

The author gives a bird’s eye view in his book; short, concise, focused, compact and honest to the core. “Think Epic” is a book that instigates the readers to think epic and do epic and make their lives and stories epic. It is one of the few books that every reader would want to keep at their bedside and read it time and again.

In light of this, every reader, old or young, should read the book if they want to stand out of the crowd because of their ability to think outside the box. Grown-up readers will instantly connect with the work because of the practical approach it has and their experience. However, younger readers will find a lot of important lessons that would help them later in life. This book is a must-read for all the youngsters and working professionals; in fact, the sooner you read this and understand the right-thinking pattern, the better it is for you to steer your life in the right direction.

One can easily relate with the limiting beliefs, preconceived notions, and fixed opinions one has about everything around us. This book teaches you how it happens and explains the approach to break the conditioning. This book has the potential to change the lives of millions.

This book helps you to unleash your thoughts in order for you to realize that concealed potential. The book’s objective is to help you Rewire your mind, restructure your attitude in the endeavour to facilitate you to never settle down for anything less than extraordinary. If you want to free yourself from the conditioning of the mind and its limiting beliefs, this book is the answer.

The pandemic-ridden world is suffering from health issues, economic crises, and psychological problems. The challenge is unprecedented, and we need to be stronger than we ever were. In a world surrounded by chaos, confusion and suffering, this book is a gift of wisdom and clear thinking.

Parts of the book may challenge you and make you uncomfortable at first, but if you dig deeper, it will help you find your solutions. The book explains various cognitive errors in decision making and shares illustrations on how it impacts our thought process regularly by tweaking our thinking patterns without us being aware of the same. The book is set to be launched by 2nd week of June. You can connect with the Author on Twitter and Instagram: @JGirdhar01



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