In a viral TikTok video by Kyleroyce, he says that he isn’t straight because it’s transphobic but he doesn’t prefer dating women who are trans. So he decides to call his sexuality “Super Straight” where he only dates women who are born as women

Origins and Meaning

Urban Dictionary defines it as “someone who is attracted to an opposite gender, who is born the same gender as they refer to”, this has no seeming connotations to transphobia. 

However, when put into context along with being “straight”, it seems like an overkill to say that they are super straight, because the straightness does incorporate dating the opposite sex who are not trans. 

Kyleroyce in his TikTok

Kyleroyce has deleted the video, while saying in a comment that others had “sent death threats to my mom over it.”

Is it Him VS LGBTQIA+ Community? 

In an interview with Insider, he says, “I created it because I was sick of being labeled with very negative terms for having a preference, something I can’t control, and getting labeled by the community that preaches acceptance with that sort of stuff.”

Furthermore, in the video, he has said that straight men get called transphobic for not dating a trans-woman. This was meant to toe the hypocrisy of a community who respect people’s choices and sexuality, but never to be hateful towards anyone.

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Although the origins track back to him, the extremism was brought forth upon by 4chan and Kiwi Farms.

These forums brought about a lot of memes and discussions to “drive a wedge” within LGBTQ communities and “use the left’s tactics against themselves, calling them bigots for not accepting super straights,” according to several posts and deleted threads on Twitter. 

The Critics And The Supporters

There’s no denying that the extremists of the LGBTQIA+ community randomly call out people for their choices in being straight, but the Super Straight movement went as far as calling themselves a part of the community. This has brought about a huge difference in opinions on Twitter and Reddit. 

Reddit has seen a new sub being created called “r/SuperStraight” and has seen it being banned. 

Super Straight Flag

The subreddit was dedicated to pushing the idea that there is a sexual orientation that inherently excludes interest in trans people. A community that has been under subjugation for so long, has to fight another battle, the hatred that this sub and Twitter has produced. 

Devyn Jaide, host of the podcast “Awkwardly Queer,” expressed that the arguments around the “super straight” movement didn’t consider trans perspective of the story.

More importantly, this movement seems to have gained traction for all the wrong reasons, one being creating discord within the community, radicalizing teens and young people and using the two S’s to make it a Nazi symbol. 

The best description that I’ve come across to this entire scenario is “Thinly veiled transphobia”.

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