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The 2014 collection has just taken off from the runway, giving all of us plenty to look forward to! Having a good knowledge of what’s trending this season has major advantages. It is so much fun to be the first one to know what’s ‘in’ this season and with these seven must have summer 2014 fashion trends direct from Milan, the fashion capital of the world, you can never go wrong. So ready, get set, go shopping!

  1. Slogans and statements- This trend of bold words flashing out, whether on your clothes, bags or clutches is here to stay. It doesn’t matter what it says, as long as the message is loud and clear and shouts out class. Statement caps are also a big hit this season, but only if you have the confidence to carry them!



2. Fringes- Fringing has made it back to the runaway. Grab whatever you can find; leather, beads and even silk. Let your creative side do all the talking.


3. Palazzo pants- Say goodbye to your skinny, perfect fitting denims and hello to the friendly palazzo pants. They are airy and let you feel fresh in the summers. What a relief over jeggings! And if you aren’t tall enough, just pair them up with heels and you are good to go.



4. Flounced skirts- These are skirts with ruffles (or flounces) which enhance your femininity. Drop the knee length and miniskirts and go for the flounced skirt this season. For a grander look, go for embellished ones.  They are safe option for all your formal events and meetings as well.



5.Perforated fabrics- Say a big hello to laces! Lace is one fabric which embraces your beauty. It is a commercial success all over the world and makes you feel beautiful. Pair it with your denims or go for a pretty lace dress, whatever suits you! Apart from lace, net is also the fabric of the season and if you are daring enough go on and experiment with it!






6.  Floral- The floral print is the true winner of the spring summer 2014 collections. It is the essence of the inspiration of many, if not all the designers. Printed, woven or 3D, flowers are more than just flowers this season. And you can never go wrong with floral! The best part about floral is that you don’t need to accessorize as these prints themselves are pretty loud and nobody wants to look over the top.



7. Crop tops- Yes! Crop tops have come back into the picture. They were a total hit in the 70’s and you can              already see so many celebrities wearing them now. For those of you who are lucky enough to have that perfect belly with no muffin top, go grab one right now. Crop tops are the highlight of this season’s collection.




Apart from these leading trends, you definitely need to know that blue is the new color for the Spring Summer 2014 season. From the navy blue to the pastel baby blue and even the electric blue, wear whichever shade suits you the best.

Don’t forget to keep it stylish. Happy shopping!

Ayesha Kumar
Ayesha Kumar
My love for reading, both books and people is something which cannot be put into words! Although a student of commerce at Jesus & Mary College, I enjoy writing about dating and romance more than finance and stock markets; keeps me a little far from the reality. I am a dreamer and I absolutely love finding romance in everything in this world.


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