We live in a world where we consume content like it’s our daily bread. But when it comes to our favorite providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney Hotstar, Hulu and so many more, they charge money for monthly subscriptions. 

So what do the broke millennials do to keep watching the content they want without making a dent in their pockets? They stream on Stremio. 

For the uninitiated, here’s everything you need to know before you get started.

Stremio Is An Open-Source Provider

Stremio does not produce any original content. It’s a cross-platform open-source provider. It works on the concept of add-ons. 

Add-ons connect you to the servers and provide all the possible streaming links for you to choose from. You have to download and install them in Stremio’s own cloud storage. 

There are two types of add-ons – official and unofficial add-ons. Official add-ons are much safer, both in terms of malicious software and copyright.

Regardless, unofficial add-ons are very useful and easy to access.

Is Stremio Free?

Yes, Stremio does not charge any money to download and sign up. Moreover, all of its features are free and do not come with any membership or subscription conditions.

The add-ons are also free to download and install.

Is Stremio Legal?

Yes, it is. Stremio is completely legal, as long as you use credible official add-ons. Most shows and movies are legally available on the app and you can watch them without a worry in the world.

If you do go the extra length to watch content that is not legally available, you have to stream from the unofficial add-ons. Since Stremio does not have any original content, it won’t be held liable if you stream illegal or copyrighted content, but you, the user will be.

Hence, unofficial add-ons, as I said earlier, are not the safest option. But there is an easy way you can stream them safely. All you gotta do is download a VPN app and activate it.

VPN is a magical tool that everyone should know how to use. VPN helps you to protect your online safety and cover up your digital tracks. With a VPN, you can watch content from the unofficial add-ons without worrying about copyright strikes.

Using VPN will also let you download and stream links that would otherwise not be available in your geographical region.

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Some Official And Unofficial Add-Ons For You To Get Started

For those just starting on Stremio, here is a list of add-ons that are very popular and most easily accessible. The list contains both official and unofficial ones. 

  • The Pirate Bay
  • Juan Carlos
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • OpenSubtitles
  • Zooqle
  • Torentio

Things To Keep In Mind For A Smooth Stremio Experience

  • You need to sign in to Stremio to use it. Signing in helps you to sync your watch library when you use the app on multiple devices.
  • Stremio runs faster and smoother on PCs or laptops than on mobile phones. Moreover, some add-ons are not available on mobile phones as well.
  • You can watch all your favourite movies and series with subtitles of your preferred language. Subtitle add-ons are available. 
  • You can arrange your Stremio library as you like. The interface is very convenient and comes with tons of features. Make sure you make the best use of them.
  • One of its best features is the push notification. With this feature turned on, you will get a notification every time new episodes or films are released and updated so that you don’t miss out.
  • You will find Stremio on the PlayStore or the App Store. 

Final Words

Stremio has been a blessing to the millennials for a good while now. If you are yet to use it, or you were apprehensive about using it, hope this article cleared most of your doubts if not all.

Also, do remember, that regardless of everything and everyone, your digital safety is in your own hands and we do not condone piracy or plagiarism in any shape or form. 

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So go ahead, download Stremio and have a safe streaming experience. And be smart while at it. Have fun!

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Sources: Stremio, YouTube, Comparitech, South Florida Reporter

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