It was only recently that a trend started off in the United States and became quite popular in the Silicon Valley area.

Apparently, the people there want to sell raw water, i.e., spring water which is unfiltered and not purified in any manner for consumption.

So yes, we’ve reached the pinnacle of human evolution.

The Why Of The Matter:

The key debate at hand is the fluoridation of water where people have largely called to put an end to the addition of fluoride to water while decontaminating it, with some conspiracy theorists arguing that fluoride is a mind control drug.

Oh, so that renders all my science lessons useless.

But let’s get to some basic points, here. There is no legitimate proof, test result, observation or scientific evidence which suggests that raw water is safe to consume. Water from any source which may have been contaminated by human usage such as agricultural activities or waste water from power plants can seep into the ground and form a large part of groundwater and spring water.

There is no way in heaven, earth or hell that can automatically purify spring water and make that apparent raw water safe for consumption.

Who Wins This Game?

There’s no surprise that modern capitalists have once again played on the mass hysteria of the general public and played their cards, smartly.

One of these is Mukhande Singh, who’s the founder of the company Live Water, which sells raw water at demand for $36.99 per 2.5 gallons and a refill for $14.99. This is the same Mukhande Singh who argues that tap water has fluoride in it and that acts as a toxic mind control drug which offers no significant dental protection.

To some extent, let’s agree with Singh that fluoride doesn’t give any extra dental protection but what about the other pre-existing pathogens which need to be treated? Has the man lost his mind about problems which can occur from drinking raw water starting from basics such as diarrhoea to major issues such as food poisoning?

Raw Water

Why is the world paying attention to these pseudo intellectuals who are arguing that normal tap water can be a cause of weight gain, anxiety and it kills “good bacteria”? Since when did untreated water become a source of “good bacteria”?

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Animal feces, carcinogens, industrial effluents, bacteria, viruses, E. Coli and approximately 91 other types of contaminants are treated when raw water is purified via purification and sedimentation plants. Almost every domestic household has a personal water purifier which further purifies tap water.

Probable Alternatives As Per The Current Scenario:

Another possible alternative to tap water is now identified as Zero Mass Water, a technology which aims at atmospheric condensation of water and collecting it for drinking purposes via the usage of solar-powered systems generating 2 to 5 litres of drinking water, daily. As fancy as it sounds, the cost of this system is $2,500.

While technologies like Zero Mass Water may be a better alternative in the off-grid water debate as compared to raw water, it’s about time that people start realizing that every new trend which goes against the quintessential norms of the society may not be the best outlet, every time.

In countries where there’s an inherent lack of fresh water resources as well as the metropolitan cities where it’s impossible to live without government supplied tap water and filtration systems, a fad like raw water will surely not fly. As for the countries which have a rather shaky economy and infrastructure (most prominently, African and some Asian nations), selling a commodity as elitist as raw water will only come across as exploitation of the poor so it’s best if this trend soon drowns out (pun intended).

Every once in a while, a dumb trend rises to exploit people by giving a conspiracy theory style backdrop to it.

It’s up to you to not follow the bandwagon and stay rational.

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