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Visiting Italy? Here’s Why You Need To Hit Up The South


It is a fact that the north of Italy is an affluent and prosperous area. Up in the north of the country, there are cities such as Turin, Genoa, Milan, Venice and Florence, all of which are hotspots for tourism and wealth. Even Rome is only a short commute away, so the north has a monopoly in the country.

The south, as a result, gets left out of the conversion. Sure, people visit the south, but they much prefer the idea of going to the north. Well, the south is as amazing and awe inspiring as the north and below is a few reasons why.

#1: To Experience The Real Italy

Although the term ‘real Italy’ is quite pretentious, it is correct that the lifestyles of the north and south differ dramatically. In the north, life is a lot more modern as the money and the tourism has helped them evolve into a Paris or a London. Down in the south, life has not changed, which is great. By visiting places like Naples and Bari, you can almost go back in time and experience how the working classes live their lives. It is much harder to feel that experience in places like Turin or Milan.

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#2: Sicily

One place that you need to visit is the island of Sicily. Sicily is the home to the Cosa Nostra – the Mafia – that still exists on the island to this day. Visiting an island that is run by a band of gangsters is an amazing experience, especially when you see the levels of security and organization. Plus, there are the historic sites of Sicily such as the Ancient Theatre of Taormina, the Palazzo dei Normanni, and Mount Etna. From an all-round point of view, Sicily covers every base.

#3: The Weather

The weather in the south is much better than in the North. In the north-west of the country, where places such as Milan, Turin and Genoa lie, the Dolomites are never too far away. The mountains in the north can affect the weather, and it is possible to get conditions from rain to sleet and snow. That is not the case south of the border. The weather is very pleasant all year around, even in the autumn and winter time when the temperature drops. In fact, the autumn and the winter are the best time of year for the weather because the heat is overbearing in the summer. So, in the south, you can pack light!

#4: The Food

Lots of the dishes that you associate with Italy came from the south. So, what better way to experience Italian cuisine than to visit the place of its birth? What stands out is the formality. There are no pretentious restaurants – just classic eateries that serve amazing food.

#5: It’s Cheap

Because the south is less popular than it northern counterpart, it is not as expensive. A couple of weeks in the south is far cheaper than in the north, which is a big deal for a lot of holidaymakers or travelers.


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