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Is It Really The Social Media/Technology’s Fault Or Rather Ours For The Madness Around Us?


Social media has affected our lives in a huge way, there is no denying that. We have started looking at the world from a different perspective than we used to. This difference in perspective though, is not considered good by the society.

But sometimes we put too much blame on social media for things it hasn’t even led to.

So let’s do a reality check on life After Social Media (ASM) and Before Social Media (BSM) taking some of the problems pointed out like:


1) People are not interested in stepping outside their houses

BSM– Before social media entered, it is supposed that people did not have many sources of entertainment so they had to go outside to enjoy. But even at that time, some people wanted to be in the comfort of their homes, away from other people, just busying their minds with books, television, and doing hobbies that can be practiced alone.

ASM– Now that we have more technology, these kind of people who want to be alone, still remain alone, and use social media as another source of busying their mind.

2. People brag too much

BSM– Back in the day, people would always announce their good deeds, if they gifted a penny to their neighbour they would make sure their whole town knew. If they looked good in a picture they would get it framed and hung in the living room so that every guest could see it (bonus points if the picture is from a trip abroad).

ASM- Now, the people who want to show off have got another place to do it. The internet.

3. People’s language and grammar seems to have ‘got screwed’ *wink*

BSM– Ain’t nobody got time for ya shit, yo nigga. The lyrics of mainstream songs before social media often sounded something like that. If you pick up some video games of that time, you’d see the vulgarity there too.

ASM- People put up statuses with incorrect grammar, purposely chipping spellings to be considered cool.


4. People get distracted

BSM– Some times situations demanded the people to concentrate, like having an exam the next day, or having a deadline for a work project, but then also they had a really interesting book or they couldn’t stop in the middle of a TV show marathon, or a situation like that. They just couldn’t focus on the task at hand.

ASM– In similar situations these days, people get distracted by their ten accounts on different social media.

5. People are physically present but not mentally

BSM– Sometimes people felt the need to escape the monotony of their everyday life. But unfortunately they couldn’t just leave in the middle. So they took out other techniques like watching movies, TV shows, reading, thinking, sleeping etc. to have their minds elsewhere while sitting in the same place.

ASM– Now when people are bored of their life, their common escape route is to a social network.

6. Other People get headaches

BSM- People would catch a fever, or tire themselves out, or not get enough sleep, or drink too much the night before and get a headache from these.

ASM- People still catch a fever, or tire themselves out, or not get enough sleep, or drink too much the night before and get a headache from them.


The real cause of show-off, envy, herd culture and poor grammar is humans. Now, since we have got rid of all the excuses we had for leading towards vanity, and brag culture, we might as well start working on improving ourselves, instead of blaming the new advancements in the world.


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