Because It Is 2015: If This Was 2015, What Will The Next Year Be Like? I’m Scared

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was appreciated a lot for naming a gender equal cabinet which represented every ethnicity present in Canada.

And the reason Trudeau gave for picking the cabinet was simple- Because It Is 2015.

The statement went viral and we would like to put in some more things that we refuse to change though it is 2015 and some weird things we are forced to do because we live in a so called ‘modern era’:

  • Year after year, the number of children and adults suffering from breathing difficulties increase manifold. Because it is 2015
  • We have to cover our faces to protect our skins from pollution and temperature. Because it is 2015
  • The water sources are no more wells and rivers. They are nothing but taps whose water has to be RO purified and yet causes health problems. Because it is 2015
  • The white marble monuments are covered in soot. Because it is 2015
  • The money which could buy you a city few years ago cannot buy a single room in the city today. Because it is 2015
  • Food crops are replaced with cash crops though we know that we cannot eat them. Money matter more than food. Because it is 2015
  • A writer cannot utter a word with freedom because he is scared if he might offend somebody. Because it is 2015
  • There are people dying because they cannot afford treatments while bureaucrats receive treatment free of cost. Because it is 2015
  • The number of diseases increase every year but medicines that cure are produced no more. Because it is 2015
  • We have become competent in foreign languages while we forgot what our mother tongue was. Because it is 2015
  • We spent hours on Facebook and WhatsApp but has no clue who our neighbours are. Because it is 2015
  • Forests exist but they are corporate jungles not trees. Because it is 2015
  • There are over a million millionaires in the world but the number of slums are even more. Because it is 2015
  • We are transforming from humans to market targets and have no clue about it. Because it is 2015
  • Snow caps are melting, temperatures are rising and yet the only thing we care is about a free Wi-Fi. Because it is 2015
  • The number of countries and states have increased though we know we belong to the same species. Because it is 2015
  • Though there were plenty of examples for homosexuality and transgender in every historical record, we still cannot accept them even though it is 2015
  • Ancient crimes like murders, wars, rapes have not gone out of fashion though it is already 2015
  • Though we claim to be strong and powerful, our nations are well prepared for wars. Because it is 2015


Seriously, if this is 2015, I hate to think what would the next century be like? It is high time we realise it is 2015 and step up for a change.


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