Yes, you read that right. According to several news reports, an eleven year old is teaching engineering students in Hyderabad. The news shows nothing but our obsession with child prodigies!

Be it the ‘Ellen DeGeners Show’ in the west or our local news channels and reality shows, we have always held children with early learning ability or born talents in very high regard.

As as result, a trend which was meant to encourage such talented kids is now posing threat to their mental development! The news of this eleven year old from Hyderabad teaching engineering students is just another example of a dangerous trend that has taken birth!

All the news reports on various platforms boast about how this kid learns complex design and technical concepts from the internet and then teaches them to engineering students for free in a coaching institute!

Yes, off the internet! And if that’s not crazy enough, you should know about this kid’s daily schedule.

eleven year old teaching engineering students
Child prodigy or forced labour for fame?

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According to IndiaToday, Mohammed Hassan Ali, the eleven year old teaching engineering students, said:

“I go to school in the morning and I come back home by 3 pm. I play and do my homework. By 6 pm, I’m ready to go to the teaching institute to share lessons with civil, mechanical and electronics students.”

The statement itself shows how the child compulsorily has submitted to a hectic schedule which doesn’t let him have the kind of leisure time that kids his age enjoy. To top it all, he has no one to learn these engineering concepts from.

Rote learning off the internet and then imparting this knowledge further is another dangerous angle to the whole ‘child prodigy teaching people double his age’ angle.

An eleven year old is supposed to invest more time into socialising and working on his/her emotional well-being instead of having a hectic schedule like an adult.

Subjecting a child to submit to such a schedule or making him/her believe that he stands out by doing so, is a very risky thing to do and definitely harmful for the child’s well-being in the longer run!

In a world where kids are growing up way before than they should, being obsessed with child prodigies as prudent individuals is just like adding fuel to fire.

Moreover, engineering isn’t a joke. An eleven year old shouldn’t be teaching it to the ‘tech future’ of our country! So, it’s about time we stop hyping this ‘child prodigy’ buffoonery and start being the rational individuals that we are supposed to be in order to save our children!

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Source: NDTV, News18, IndiaToday + more

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  1. I agree with you maam.I was also like this boy in my childhood I got my first laptop in 9 year age and I used to stick to it 24/7.i was also a bookworm and hungry for knowledge type of guy,I literally knew most of the function of the laptop for these reasons I slowly turned the type of guy who wouldn’t leave home, to be precise I was a nerd.well currently for my puberty I changed alot but some of my older traits are yet present and to be honest I don’t like those old traits of mine.

  2. This is a cynical review of whatever this boy is exhibiting. By all counts he looks like a child prodigy. It is best we nurture the
    talent with the right guidance and mentoring. A for the author of this article. She may need psychiatric evaluation!


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