Despite India being one of the most populous countries in the world, we cannot deny the fact that issues related to infertility persist. Several women and men face problems related to childbirth and get disheartened when they find no help. However, this tier-2 city-based startup is ideal for all your queries associated with infertility. 

Get To Know The Startup

Santaan is a fertility centre based in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. It offers a wide range of services such as intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic insemination, and genetic testing. It conducts fertility examinations for both genders and provides them treatment if they are diagnosed with fertility-related problems. 

Santaan has the vision to make treatment of this “private affair” of infertility available to all, especially those based in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. The startup was conceived in 2014 by Raghab Prasad Panda.

For the past four years, it has been maintaining the title of one of the top fertility centres in Orissa and has also won the “Best Startup” award by Times Business Award in 2020. 

Founder, Raghab Prasad Panda receiving award for “Best Startup”

The founder has recognized that there are taboos ingrained in the mindsets of people residing in India. For once, women might even visit fertility centres.

However, men consider it a shame, and that’s why Raghab initiated the fertility centre. He said in an interview that their centre provides everything- from the diagnosis of the issue, to tests and conceiving- all under one roof. 

New Inventions And Other Services

The startup is currently working on a new product known as Fertilite. Through the assistance of this product, the couple will be able to get treated in the comfort of their homes.

They have also collaborated with IIT Hyderabad to develop a “Mobile Embryoscope” through which the couple can monitor the embryo through a time-lapse system. 

Inside their fertility centre

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The startup also has an option of egg-freezing and sperm freezing for individuals who want to enjoy parenthood later in life. The freezing of eggs, sperm and embryos is done through a special technique known as the cryopreservation technique.  Through this, freezing is done at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius. 

People suffering from cancer or men who want to go for vasectomy surgery can freeze their eggs or sperm before beginning the treatment. In another interview with Times Of India, he stated that people residing in urban and rural areas have come forward for cryopreservation in their centres. 

Training Facilities And More

The centre provides hands-on training for embryologists and IVF specialists. They also provide embryology course training to biology graduates and postgraduates and many of them receive placements in top fertility centres of India. 

They also test women for breast cancer by providing an accessible, affordable and no-touch procedure, done through Termalytix screening. “A camera-like tool connected with a computer is used for the method. Unlike mammography, the imaging method is radiation-free, non-touch, non-painful and works for women of all ages and during pregnancy too.

They earn their revenues from treatments that are provided in the Santaan fertility centre. The founder claims that they work with 500 clients per month and has trained a total of 250 professionals as of now. 

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