We all hear a lot about well-established electronic businesses, food or milk businesses, and various other such startups, right? Well, ever heard a story about successful entrepreneurs leading an egg business?

Here’s one: Eggoz, a startup based in Bihar. Hang in with us to know how it came into being and how it’s currently doing. 

The Backstory Of How It All Began

It was back in 2017, when IIT Kharagpur graduates Abhishek Negi, Uttam Kumar, Aditya Singh and Pankaj Pandey decided to chase their desire of being entrepreneurs. They dug deeper, and to their surprise, they came across the Indian poultry farm. 

The logo of Eggoz

At that time, it was going through a rough phase of huge demand but low supply. Abhishek recalled in an interview, “At that time, about 70 percent of the production was happening in the southern part of the country, and more than 65 percent of the consumption was happening in north India.” 

Hence,  these IIT graduates took a step to launch Eggoz in Bihar. They did a lot of research about the functionaries and how to set the business before finally stepping into poultry farming. 

Path That Led To Their Success

They started by infusing money from their own pockets and cracking deals with investors like Sunil Mishra and Narendra Shankar. They amalgamated India’s largest Agriculture industry with technology and, since then, they have continued to uplift it. 

To interact with the farmers who supply the eggs, they made an application that was convenient and accessible. The farmers could easily add details about their farms and interact with avian veterinarians (bird doctors) on how to maintain the health of chicks if they get ill or infected. 

Eggoz team with the farmers

They also installed IoT devices to monitor the humidity levels, temperature, and ammonia in the fields so that they do not hamper the quality of eggs. 

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Speaking of the quality, Abhishek recalls, “When the farmer is productive, his chicks, too, will be healthy. Additionally, the shell and yolk would be thick and proper nutrition can be imparted.”

The Achievements So Far

The Bihar startup, last year in 2020 raised $1.5 million from investors Avaana Capital and Rebright Partners. As per the startup, these funds would be used to expand further, reach newer heights, launch other new products and strengthen its base and technology they use. 

The team inside their factory

Also, in May same year, the company secured Rs. 2.5 million in seed funding. A majority of farmers have benefited from their company and are getting a stable wage. The company and farmers, combined, have been able to provide quality and premium white, brown and Nutra eggs.

Though the pandemic made them struggle a little, they have come out with flying colors and are now selling 4 million eggs every month.   

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