Are you a chai-lover? What we are going to talk about now will make your taste buds crave some warm cup of tea along with your favorite biscuits. We are talking about Tea Post, one of the fastest-growing food startups in India. 

Let’s Discover The Startup 

Tea Post is a startup from Rajkot, Gujarat, initiated by Darshan Dashani in 2013. The journey behind the startup begins with falling in love with tea in the first place and, the next step was to change this love into a startup by setting up tea cafes.

Tea Post founder Darshan Dashani

At present, Tea Post has 170 outlets spread across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. Their vision was to provide quality tea along with lip-smacking snacks to satisfy people’s taste buds that craved tea. 

The rates are cheap, which can easily be afforded by students, office goers, or senior citizens. The ambience is clean and hygiene is their priority, along with providing a fun place for people to hang out. 

In the words of Darshan, “We wanted to become a part of everyone’s day-to-day life and we did.” Darshan witnessed people in foreign countries with their coffee cups in their hands, on the go. That is when he decided to bring this culture to India. 

They began by serving the regular masala tea and a few snacks, and sooner than expected, they became famous. 

Why Did They Start Small? 

They could’ve comfortably started a fancy cafe, but they started small by offering cutting chai and bun-maska because they knew nothing can satisfy Indian taste buds in any better way than this. 

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According to Darshan, a warm cup of masala chai and endless talks with friends is the best thing in the world and, they wished to offer the same to their customers. 

Ambience of Tea Post café

Darshan says, We know that the college canteen holds a special place in your heart and, we have come to help you, relive those memories with a place where you can sit and revisit your childhood over a cup of tea – just like the good old days.”

Their Future Endeavors 

The Tea Post that started in Rajkot is now planning to take it to Dubai to add Indian flavors. Their main objective is to cater to the Indian diaspora. 

Darshan Dashani stated they are planning to open outlets in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi by 2022. At first, they’ll open one themselves and, later will set up a franchise that will set up other outlets in Dubai. 

The outlet will be known as “Tea Post- Apni Chai ki Dukaan”, and they have already begun with the legal procedures required for setting up the outlet. 

The decision was taken after they found out that Indians residing in Dubai crave local tea. Now after the outlet is operational, they expect to gain loyal Indian customers in Dubai. They will be investing approx. Rs. 2.5 crores in setting up an outlet in Dubai. 

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Source: Tea Post, Crunchbase, ANI, Times Of India 

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