The 2022 FIFA World Cup has been the talking point for many reasons, but as it turns out the Salt Bae also might be a part of it.

The world cup was one of the biggest sporting events that happened recently, and especially the nail-biting final match between Argentina and France which ultimately ended with the victory of Argentina holding the cup after several years. In the midst of this, the viral sensation Salt Bae came under the scanner for trying to irritate Messi and other reasons.

Salt Bae Irritating Messi

On 19th December, videos surfaced of the internet sensation Salt Bae trying to go after footballer Lionel Messi and seemingly asking for a picture together. As per the videos, he was repeatedly grabbing Messi by his shoulder, pulling him back and demanding a selfie, however, Messi can be seen shrugging off his hand and not paying attention to him.

For the unknown, Salt Bae or Nusret Gökçe is a Turkish chef and restaurant owner who went viral in 2017 for his unique way of preparing and seasoning meat. A video of him cutting meat and sprinkling salt over it went viral, with it getting over 10 million views on Instagram alone earned him the title of Salt Bae and became a viral meme across the world.

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It was not just Messi that Salt Bae was seen persisting after, as football fans noticed that he apparently invaded the privacy of several other players too, trying to get a photo with them while they were celebrating after their historic win.

What more than this, he also got his hands around the actual World Cup trophy, which is actually against the rules. FIFA forbids anyone, save for a select few form touching the trophy, which maintains a certain level of exclusivity towards the trophy.

According to reports only the winning team and heads of state can touch the trophy and no one else, but videos emerged of Salt Bae grabbing the trophy from Cristian Romero’s hands and also making Angel Di Maria and Lisandro Martinez uncomfortable. He even was seen actually biting into the gold medal of Franco Armani.

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