The Argentina vs France final match for the 2022 FIFA World Cup was one of the most anticipated matches across the world. For a wide number of reasons, not one being how well-matched the two teams were in terms of quality and player levels, and the match itself seemed almost never-ending with both the teams playing neck to neck and collecting extra time over extra time.

The match finally concluded with penalty strikes which Argentina won in their favour eventually becoming the winners of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

However, with this being football how could the drama stay out and it came in the form of racist comments towards the many black players on the French football team. Well, the Kenyan President had an interesting jab at this sentiment and really called out not just the racism but the colonial history of France.

Kenyan President Lauds The French Football Players

In a tweet, the Kenyan president William Samoei Ruto wrote that “Supporting the African team in the world Cup finals. Good luck Rachel and kids as you support the other side. Remember to pay the bet!! Either way expecting fine football.”

He was clearly pointing to the many African players that were on the French team something he reiterated with his congratulatory tweet for Argentina writing “Congratulations Argentina for winning the world Cup. My African team at world Cup played a superb game. Will pay my bet!!! All round wonderful game. Tukutane home.”

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France players Kingsley Coman and Aurelien Tchouameni especially faced a lot of racist comments and online abuse just because they missed some decisive penalties in the World Cup leading to Argentina’s victory.

Footballer Mbappe, however, won the respect of many viewers as he scored a hat-trick scoring 3 goals for France and bringing them into the game properly, giving Argentina an actual competition.

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