The Saket court shooting went viral pretty quickly, with horrifying shots of a lawyer chasing and shooting at a woman circulating everywhere. However, it seems that the reason for the shooting is not random but one of personal enmity.

Apparently, as per the police, the accused had actually registered a case against the woman last year alleging her of fraud and cheating him out of Rs. 25 lakhs and it was this case’s hearing that they were appearing for on Friday.

According to Special Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ravindra Yadav “Today, the accused stopped her near the lawyers block and asked her to return his money, but she refused. He then took a licensed revolver from his private security guard, Ajay, and fired four rounds at the victim.”

Chandan Chowdhary, DCP, Delhi Police also stated to reporters that “An FIR was registered in December in which the victim of today’s incident is accused. The woman had taken money from the person (shooter) on the promise of doubling it, both of them had come to the court related to the matter. Several other cases of fraud are also lodged against the woman.”

What Happened?

According to eyewitness reports and viral video clips, the incident unfolded around 10.30 am on 21st April 2023 a Friday. The woman, M Radha (42), who was shot at was seen coming out of the North Wing of the court when suddenly the accused seen in lawyer’s robes pulled out a pistol from under a file he’d been holding.

As per reports, Advocate Sugandha Taneja said that “… the woman ran back towards the North Wing but the accused kept chasing her and firing multiple rounds…”

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SCP Yadav commented that the accused’s identity was said to be Kameshwar Kumar Singh, a 49-year-old former advocate at the Saket court.

It has been stated by reports that the shooting went on for around a minute or so and Singh even fired a round in the air when some lawyers tried to chase and stop him. Eventually, he fled through the parking area from the lawyer’s block but reports reveal there was something else to the case too.

Pretty soon though the man was also reported to have been arrested from Faridabad in Haryana as per Delhi Police.

Special CP Yadav stated that CCTV footage was used to track the accused “His last location was traced to Surya Nagar in Faridabad…from where he was eventually arrested.”

It was also revealed after questioning that the accused had been a practicing advocate however, his license had been suspended by the Bar Council of Delhi for three years until 2024.

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