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Safetipin: An IT tool for women’s safety


By Nidhi Taneja


Today almost every individual wants to project a tech savvy image of his/her self. They aspire to own a smart phone which is well equipped with all the applications. We can easily search, download and use various applications with a single touch. Nowadays when almost everybody has a Smartphone, why not use it in those dangerous or critical situations when nobody else can help you. With so many social network apps flooding the market every minute, it has become really easy for people to interact with each other and to share their experiences with thousands of people in the virtual world.

Keeping in mind the trend of online socialization and the increased concerns being raised on women safety, the Jagory group- a women’s resource group has launched a fabulous application called  ‘The SafetiPin’ to ensure better women safety in the capital. As the name suggests it is an application to be used as a defense against harassment. It crowd-sources and maps information about safety in the neighborhood and cities. The app was launched on 14 November 2013-the eve of National Girl Child Day, in the national capital, by its co-founders Kalpana Viswanath and Ashish Basu. The basic idea behind this mobile safety app is that it would make cities safer through direct participation of the people.

The app, which is available to Android and iPhone users, is free to use and is available on the App Store and Google Play. The app is decked up with various user friendly features. If you feel unsafe in a particular area or if you have any other safety or security concerns regarding that place, Safetipin can help you share this information with others.

It enables the users to mark circles on a map and pin them with three colors – red, orange and green for unsafe, moderately safe and safe areas respectively. In addition to marking, the app allows one to assess parameters like lighting, open space, visibility, security factor, availability of public transport and gender statistics of a given locality. It can help the user to access details about the nearest police station, pharmacy and convenience stores available. It also provides details about the time until which medical stores are open.

With innumerable instances of harassment, theft and stalking taking place every day it seems like the Safetipin has armed women with an IT tool to spread the word of awareness among the community. It is an initiative to make the world a safer place for those who constitute it. Hopefully this amalgam of IT and community participation will increase the involvement of people in issues of women safety and will enable the development of a better society.



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