Sex as a concept is intrinsic to every society, Indian society is no exception to that. It is something that is controversial, necessary and theoretically incomprehensible until one actually indulges in the act.

Recently, Netflix released a new series called ‘Sex Education’. It’s a short, one season series which is extremely interesting and addictive.

Having binged watched it in a day, I can safely say that it is a must watch. It’s relatable, funny and according to me an essential watch for the average Indian millennial.

What is the show about?

It’s a given that sex is a confusing concept. In fact not just sex, but physical intimacy in general, with yourself and with others. No matter how many people you’ve been with or have had escapades with, with each passing experience you learn something new, about yourself and the other person.

This is exactly what the show is all about. It’s about a bunch of teenagers trying to find their way through the labyrinth, that is sexual intercourse. It deals with stuff ranging from masturbation to the idea of casual and meaningful sex. These ideas are intertwined with the fragility of human relationships.

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The Indian millennial and sex

The cast of the original series recently received a few questions about sex from their Indian fans. As ridiculous as they were, they were a bold reflection of the ambiguity that sex is to them. They displayed a complete lack of sex education.

Here’s taking a look at few of those questions:

1. I’m a 21 year old virgin and I’ve tried many times to give myself a blow job, is there anyway I could succeed?

2. I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend and we bought her an i-pill. In the heat of the moment I popped it instead of her, will it have any consequences for me?

3. I have heard that any kind of acidic substance can prevent pregnancy. Can I pour some drops of lemon or orange juice in my girlfriend’s vagina?

Watch the full video here:

A lack of sex education?

On face value, these questions seem to be absolutely ridiculous and outrageous. But if you come to think of it, these are actually genuine doubts.

Sex in India is so badly stigmatized and is talked about in hush hush tones that many people don’t even know the basics. A mere chapter on the biology of the reproductive system in middle school is considered to be ‘sex education’.

Sex is normal, natural and very much intrinsic to all our lives. Why is sex education then not an essential part of our education? It’s shameful how 19, 20, 21 year olds have basic doubts like these, due to a simple lack of knowledge. All their information comes from friends, shady sites on the internet and perhaps pornography.

The idea that sex education will corrupt people needs to be discarded and maturity needs to be shown.

The other day my 13 year old cousin living in the States asked me, “Didi, do you guys have sex education here? Our teacher showed us how to put a condom on a cucumber, we all laughed but we know everything”. All I did, was look away and pretended I didn’t hear her.

The taboo around teaching children about sex needs to be done away with.

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