Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Guwahati have created a replacement for air conditioning that, according to the institution, is not only efficient and cost-effective but also runs without using electricity.

This brilliant new innovation – the “Radiative Cooler” is a coating material that may be used as an alternative to traditional air conditioners. It can be applied to rooftops and works both during the day and at night.

According to the IIT, passive radiative cooling systems work by releasing heat into the environment in the form of infrared radiations that can travel through the atmosphere before being released into the chilly outer space.

The majority of ‘passive radiative coolers’ only work at night. These coolers must also reflect the whole sun energy in order to function throughout the day. These cooling technologies have not yet been able to cool buildings enough throughout the day.

IIT Guwahati researchers set out to find solutions for these problems and develop a radiative cooling system that is less expensive and more effective and can run continuously.

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The radiative cooling system’s theoretical design has been put to the test and confirmed by meticulous computer simulations.

IIT claimed that its radiative cooler’s pattern-free design is ‘large-area’ compatible and less prone to manufacturing flaws. Manufacturers of coolers may now investigate radiative cooling to create electricity-free cooling solutions thanks to this discovery.

In an official notice, IIT has said, “The team hopes this will reach the market once the large-scale prototypes are developed and tested for operational stability and durability under different climatic conditions. They are now working towards this.”

The Current Science Report, which was first printed in the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics by IOP Publishing, United Kingdom, recently featured their discovery.

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