The Stranger Things season 4 recently ended after a lot of hype and craze. We saw several things happen over the course of the season and already people cannot wait for the last and final season to come out.

But while going through the season, a thought struck on how similar the happenings of the season were to the Avengers: Infinity War movie.

Team-Ups Made

Infinity War had all the Avengers and MCU characters all split into different teams across the whole movie. There was the Earth gang in Wakanda with Captain America, Black Widow, Black Panther, Hulk, Vision, Wanda, and Bucky. Then you had the Guardians of the Galaxy gang meeting with the other gang of Dr. Strange, Iron Man and Spider-Man and teaming up there.

Similar to that even the Hawkins gang is all split up into different groups of:

  • Eleven having her own arc
  • Will, Mike, Jonathan and Argyle doing their own thing
  • Nancy, Steve, Robin, Eddie Munson
  • Dustin, Luke, Max, Erica (Luke’s sister)

Big Bad Does What It Said It Wanted To Do

In Infinity War it was Thanos, who ultimately did what he had set out to do all this while. Which was to collect the infinity stones and wipe out 50% of the population in order to rectify some wrong that he thought was there.

In season 4 of Stranger Things, something similar happens where even after all attempts by the characters to stop it, the gates are opened and the Upside Down does spill over into the real world. The last shot of the Hawkins gang standing in a field and seeing the inevitable happen.

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Potential Time Travel

There are theories circling around that the last and final season of Stranger Things could have some time travel involved. One reason this rises is because of how the Upside Down Hawkins, is forever trapped in the year of 1983.

We saw this when Nancy, Robin, Steve and Eddie travelled to the Upside Down and they all realised that time had literally not moved forward as it had on the right side of the world. The Upside Down Hawkins is still stuck at the very beginning of the show with even items of the characters being in their same place as they were at that time.

A Favourite Character Died

Of course, nothing can match the extensive deaths we saw in Infinity War, where at the end we saw the deaths of many different favourite characters. We had Vision, Wanda, Bucky, Black Panther, Falcon, Spider-man, Doc Strange, the Guardians team, and many more.

But perhaps a string could be made between the deaths of Garoma and how Eddie from ST died, tragically and definitely not what anyone wanted.

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