As Goldman Sachs anticipated, India will face the worst recession of all times. Fresh graduates will face a huge blow as various sectors are not hiring amid the pandemic whereas universities will see a surge in post graduation admissions as students shall seek to acquire specialized skills.

Let’s browse through few sectors and jobs that may not face recession during and after coronavirus –

Medical Field Workers

It goes without saying that anybody even minutely connected to the medical field will not face recession.

Just because the world is at a standstill does not stop other diseases from occurring and sending people right to the hospital or medical store.

Therefore, paramedics, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, veterinarians and doctors have nothing to worry about.

Even though it is recession-proof the risk is pretty high. It could expose you to the virus on a daily basis but will definitely keep the income going.

Cybersecurity Jobs

As more and more people are using online apps to carry out almost all their work, security has become a major concern.

With the Zoom app being hacked and valuable data falling in the wrong hands, companies are on the lookout for cybersecurity professionals who can make their system hack-proof.

Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector are hiring the maximum cybersecurity professionals.

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Firefighters, Therapists, Police officers –

Wildfires, divorces and crimes do not reduce during any pandemic which opens a huge market for firefighters, therapists, psychologists and police officers.

With the lockdown and change in lifestyle, many people may suffer from mental health disorders which can directly increase the revenue of psychiatrists and psychologists.

Utility Workers-

No recession can touch electricity or other utilities as it is important in our daily life. People who are involved in taking care of roads, electricity, sewage system, taking away the trash are in luck.

Telecommunication jobs-

Companies are adopting work from home to maintain social distancing and safety measures during the pandemic. This has resulted in an incline in the telecommunications sector which is required for wider and safer reach through video conferences, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration services.

Zoom and Slack have added openings in the customer service and engineering sector.

Banking and finance-

COVID-19 has contributed to a panic risen environment where people are unsure about their future in terms or finance.

As more jobs are being laid off, people are seeking professional help from financial experts to help them secure their financial future, protect their savings, and use financial support, like mortgage, retirement savings, or to understand how their credit will be affected by income loss.

Jobs In News and Publishing-

With everybody on their phone as people have nothing to do, engagement of news and online blogs have shot up. People are constantly curious about the scenario and seek updates and other information which is available on news portals.

Television news is important to reach out to older generations, while digital publications and social media resonate with younger people.

Therefore, reporters, editors, fact-checkers, video production staff, web and IT specialists are recession-proof jobs.

Every sector may face some short-term problems but these jobs are likely to be your safe bet. The post coronavirus world is yet to be revealed but as of now, we must focus on building our skills and topping our resumes and making ourselves recession proof.

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