Eight ad hoc teachers have been shunted out from the prestigious English department of Ramjas College, under the University of Delhi.

Students staged a demonstration outside the college campus against the decision of not appointing these eight out of ten teachers in its ongoing recruitment process. 

What Is This Ad Hoc System? 

According to DU’s Executive Council Resolution No.120(8), ad hoc appointments may be made in cases of sudden, unexpected, short vacancies owing to sudden sickness or death or on other medical grounds, including maternity leaves. 

This impromptu allocation is done for a period of 4 months, at the end of which the contract is renewed after a day’s break. 

This process continues unless permanent employees are appointed. 

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For How Long Is This Issue Going On?

The Delhi University has been using this process for two decades now. Data says that out of a total of 4,242 teachers from 34 DU colleges, 42.64% are ad hoc teachers. This is a violation of the University Grants Commission norm which allows only 10% of it, out of the total staff strength. 

Samarveer Singh, a 33 year old ad hoc teacher of Philosophy at The Hindu College, committed suicide in April, 2023, after he was replaced, despite seven years of his untiring service. Out of 425, 301 ad hoc professors were removed within a span of six months in August 2022. 

What Is The Take Of The Other Students? 

“We’ve seen our professors suffer the injustices of this regime, helpless and powerless, a phenomenon that continues until the university is clad in but one colour”, says Saloni, an ex-student of the Ramjas College. 

Another student of the college, Omkar, tweeted a video demonstrating the protest at the Administrative office, against the said displacement.



Anjali, the DU secretary of All India Student’s Association(AISA), tweeted these videos and pictures capturing the protest: 


In an Instagram post, Sneha Aggarwal, a third year student of the college mentioned, “These are the professors who have worked dedicatedly for the students and this department, who doesn’t speak communal language in classrooms, who always stood against Academic Degradation, and thus clearly, whom the Administration doesn’t want.” 

“You cannot displace them in just two minutes. What will happen to them? Where will they go? Many of these teachers are above 40 and some are even nearing retirement. They provided their services despite knowing that they were not going to receive any facilities that the permanent staff do. We have been abandoned by the University and left in a lurch,” said an ad hoc teacher who has been working with DU for nearly a decade and was displaced recently, in a NDTV report. 

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