Protests were seen happening outside a Mumbai college after security guards restricted entry of female students wearing a burqa (Islamic veil) or a hijab recently.

The authorities claimed that it was because of its uniform policy, however, the students believed it was wrong to have such a policy in the first place and that these things cannot be restricted in an educational place.

The burqa protests from last year brought up a similar issue when a high school in south India barred Muslim girls from wearing the items as a school uniform and told parents that the female students would have to remove them if they wanted to attend the school or stay at home.

What Was The Issue?

On Wednesday, 2nd August Mumbai’s NG Acharya & DK Marathe College had its security guards bar the entrance of girl students onto the campus while wearing a burqa or hijab. They were asked to remove their veil before entering into the premises and the reason was said to be a new uniform policy introduced this year as per reports.

Soon parents of the students arrived in front of the college located in the Chembur area and started to protest the unfair rule and police too were called to the spot due to the commotion.

However, the principal of the college Vidya Gauri Lele, as per India Today said that “On May 1, we held a meeting with parents to discuss this new dress code policy. We had communicated everything including the ban on burqa, hijab, scarves, and stickers. At the time, everyone had agreed to the dress code. But they are protesting now.”

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The Principal also said “The new uniform was applicable from June 15 when this academic year began. But students did not adhere to it. Until July 31, we kept reminding them through various communications. And it was finally decided to not allow anyone inside college from August 1, if they are not wearing uniform. This is applicable to all students, irrespective of their religion and community.”

She further added that girl students who don’t want to follow this rule are free to leave the college.

The Muslim female students on the other hand were reportedly requesting the college to allow them to remove the burqa inside the college and wear scarves in the classroom rather than remove it from their house itself.

They claimed that they felt uncomfortable going outside the house without a hijab or burqa considering it is a religious practice for them.

According to an Indian Express report, one girl said that “There was no uniform in Class 11. The college implemented it only from this year. We accept the uniform but removing burqa at the gate is not acceptable.”

Another student added that “We are ready to co-operate but at least they should allow us inside as we come wearing burqa from home. We will change into uniform in the college washroom before heading to the classrooms.”

The college eventually agreed, after getting backlash, to the students coming to the college wearing burqa, hijab, or scarf, but that they would then take it off in the washroom before attending their classes and put it back on before leaving the classroom at the end of the day.

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