Our aged parents and grandparents are the foundation and the pillar of our homes and societies. They add value and dignity to our lives and cheer up our homes with their shining eyes and soft laughter. 

However, a downside of this phase is that they get financially dependent on their children and grandchildren as they get retired from their jobs. Though they might have pensions to support themselves, it isn’t adequate to fulfil all their needs ranging from healthy food, quality clothes to the best healthcare. 

Hence, we introduce to you Aapkilathi, a startup based in Ranchi that is on the mission to “happify the lives of elders”

Get To Know The Company

This first-of-its-kind startup was the brainchild of Binay Jha, who founded the company in 2016. They aim at showing the world that it’s not only the youth who bring better solutions and great ideas. Our old-aged members of society can do the same. 

Aapkilathi company’s logo

They seek to be the most loved company by the elders and come up with initiatives that make them independent and happy as long as they live. 

On the website, Aapkilathi team writes,Happifying elders is our core mission statement. Built around the principles of Empower, Empathy and Engage, Aapkilathi aim to positively impact every elderly, thereby enhancing their life with happiness and joy.”

A Look At Their Initiatives

Their company has four initiatives going on for elders. Let’s take a look. 

Swanibhar, an initiative taken up by the startup, bridges the gap of the digital divide and provides them with a platform where they are celebrated. It will also make them financially independent by honing their skills and marketing their handmade products. 

Jha stated, It’s a try to empower the aged folks with a fundamental theme in order to offer them with a relentless month-to-month earnings when one other supply of assets has actually exhausted. Beneath this scheme, we need to present the hidden expertise or will attempt to determine Kaushal, who’s doing so in a restricted method or simply for self-consumption. ‘Swanibhar’ will present them a platform underneath which to market their merchandise with correct branding. Collectively it will likely be offered to the world.”

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Another initiative is Actage through which they promote good physical health and mental wellbeing to add goodness to their lives. Through it, they also promote active health ageing and 24X7 healthcare facilities. 

Hum-Tum is another initiative to encourage them to socialize and communicate with one another. Binay stated, “HUM TUM also shares exclusive features like the Wellness Centre, Food for the Soul and Speak-easy where elders can talk about important issues and share their testimonials and stories. Aapkilathi also host live events and sessions with topics pertaining to elder care, wellness and health.”

Let’s Hear From The Wise Old Men And Women

Arati and Bipul Kanti, a couple associated with Aapkilathi states, “As a couple, we decided to settle in the suburbs of Kolkata away from the hustle bustle of the bus metro to lead a healthy life with our son who is working with a leading cruise company. While we have been facing the challenges of ageing, we recently came across Aapkilathi which has come as a boon for us senior citizens.” 

“Ever since Aapkilathi has come knocking at our doors, daily essentials especially our medications have all been taken care of. Many thanks to Aapkilathi”, says Usha and Bansi Lal Magu.

“Happifying” elders

 The startup has happened to better the lives of many elders and we hope that it continues to do so in the coming years. 

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Source: Aapkilathi, The New Indian Express, Informational King

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