In Indian culture, elderly people such as grandmothers, grandfathers and our aged parents are respected and valued. The presence of grandparents is considered valuable and they are cherished.

However, with the changing times, this scenario seems to be shifting as we now see these aged people in old age homes. Let’s look at how today’s young India will turn old, how we are preparing for it and how aged people feel at old age homes.

Why Will Young India Get Old?

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Business Opportunities

However, with the increase in providing shelter to old age homes, it brings business and economic opportunities for many. 

A Patna based startup Senior Shelf has grown rapidly and witnesses more 40k visits per month. They sought the opportunity and created an old age home which provides elderly care and supervision they deserve. From toilet safety to safety rail on stairs and medical services, the company provides it all. 

Another company which enjoyed attention due to the growing elderly population is Silver Talkies, a magazine which aims to provide all necessary information about and for, people living their last phase of lives.  

Let’s See What Life Means For Aged People In Old Age Homes

If this is the way we are preparing for ageing India, I am disheartened to say that this is purely wrong. Our old parents and grandparents who have invested in us deserve twice more love, affection and care from us. Isn’t it?  

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