Marriage is considered to be an important part of an individual’s life. We are explained the concept of marriage since an early age.

The image of a young couple comes to our minds whenever we think of what a marriage would look like. With a young bride and a charming groom in our heads, it’s the first thing we think of while imagining an Indian marriage.

The average age defined by the Indian society for marriage ranges between 25-35 years.

However, we all know that love knows no bounds. It can spring in the driest of wells. Something similar happened in the old age home of Thrissur.

An old couple from Kerala took their wedding vows in their 60th decade of life.

Lakshmi Amal aged 65 years tied the nuptial knot with Kochaniyan Menon aged 67 years and created history in the Indian society by breaking the age barriers revolving around Indian marriages.

It Was A Sweet Reunion

An old age home ran by the government of Kerala saw a rather unusual Christmas when two of their residents took the marriage vow and broke the stereotypes spectacularly.

The story of Lakshmi Amal and Kochaniayn Menon intrigues us even more because of the complicated history shared between the two love birds. Working as an assistant to Lakshmi’s husband, little did Kochaniyan know that he would be sharing such a loving relationship with her.

Lakshmi’s husband passed away some 23 years ago after a prolonged illness. After the death of Lakshmi’s husband, Kochaniyan lost touch with her. Despite untiring efforts to keep the bond intact, they both grew apart in the fabric of time and their friendship faded.

However, considering the present situation it can rightfully be said that fate had different plans for them.

Coincidentally, they ended up in the same old age home and augmented their beautiful love story. The entire journey of these two fills us with happiness and gives us warmth in these cold nights.

The couple breaks all the stereotypes surrounding the concepts of love and marriage and gives us a new hope. 

Torchbearers To Liberalism

Lakshmi and Kochaniyan show how there is no age limit to anything and if we set our hearts, everything is possible. The twinkle in their eyes and the happiness in their smiles won the hearts of everyone throughout the world.

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Not only this, they have restored the faith in humanity and have made us realize that there is still hope left for the world and this time the oldies are our torchbearers.

Their determination is commendable and so is their courage to fight the prejudices of society and get married regardless of what the society will say.

Not only this their love story gained a lot of acknowledgment on various social media.

Twitter users have been showering their love and blessings on the newly-wed couple. These two filled the heart of the users with awe and happiness and created quite a ripple in the late Christmas days.

Surprisingly, there were a lot of eminent figures present at the wedding including the District Collector and the Agriculture Minister of Kerala. A lot of love was showered on the couple by everyone present at the wedding.

Giving A New Hope

They have given us another reason to remember the decade and begin the new year with more hope and inspiration.

By becoming the first couple to be married in an old age home in the late 60s; the couple has set an example through their respect and adoration for each other.

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Sources: India Today, India Times

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