Food crisis and hunger is an imperative issue in recent times. In the latest report, India’s rank on the Global Hunger Index went from 94 to 101 this year, where 0 means no hunger. The index justifies the seriousness of the situation, and hence, we need people to work upon food crisis, hunger and malnutrition. 

Hence, we have Zaara Biotech based in Thrissur, India’s first company producing products containing algae and seaweed, which does the job of tackling food crisis and malnutrition.

Researching On Energy and Food Crisis Using Micro-Algae 

Zaara Biotech was founded in 2016 by Najeeb Bin Haneef, a biotechnology student at Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology, and is researching the energy and food crisis using microalgae.

The company has collaborated with the Indian Council of Agriculture and Research-CIFT Cochin, Govt. of India, to manufacture India’s first Algal-Seaweed food products. 

Founder of Zaara Biotech, Najeeb Bin Haneef

Their vision is “to improve the quality of life for people around the world by providing healthy food and a clean environment” and aim to manufacture products that are healthy, nutritious and offer quality for life.

Taking Steps To Tackle Food Crisis

Malnutrition occurs when people do not get enough healthy food, and in turn, our body becomes a place for diseases and health problems. Hence, in such circumstances, Zaara’s cookies are made using microalgae and seaweed to combat the problem of food crisis. 

Najeeb says, “We believe that all problems encountered by society have solutions that can be found through timely interventions. Our intention is to set up a sustainable food habit through a low-consumption, high-productivity line using superfoods like microalgae and seaweed.”

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He further adds, “Our motto has been ‘Feeding the nation forward’ and in line with this, we have brought 100% sustainable FMCG products to customers using the latest biotechnology innovations from our R&D labs.

We believe that we can empower the nation through a healthy lifestyle. And, at Zaara, we work towards ensuring that these solutions are made available economically.”

Zaara Biotech cookies

The cookies were rolled out in commercial stores after carrying out extensive research on the power of microalgae. 

The Success They Gained

In March 2021, the company earned a revenue of $10 million TCN International Commerce LLC, UAE. The company was cultivated under Kerala Startup Mission’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre scheme and their products were presented at Dubai’s international conference, GITEX 2020. 

Now, the company aims to export its products outside India and launch algae-seaweed cosmetics by 2022. 

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Sources: Edex Live, Mint, Zaara Biotech

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