We all are aware of how the COVID-19 pandemic hampered the economy and businesses globally. However, this Pune-based startup, Noccarc, a robotics manufacturing company, saw the pandemic as an opportunity and started manufacturing ventilators to support India’s fight against the pandemic. 

How It All Began

Noccarc was launched in 2017 by its co-founders, Harshit Rathore and Nikhil Kurele, who are also alumni of IIT Kanpur. “We aspire to always stay ahead by creating products and technologies through innovation and challenging ourselves to the limit,” says their co-founders. 

Robot for cleaning solar panels

When they began, they decided to manufacture robots for defence purposes. However, it didn’t work out the way they wanted. Hence, they shifted towards manufacturing robots for cleaning solar panels. 

A Helping Hand During COVID-19

Since the first wave of COVID-19, Pune struggled to ensure enough ventilators for its patients in the hospitals. So, the duo saw this as an opportunity to save their company during the crisis as their idea of robots didn’t kick off and stepped in as a helping hand by producing ventilators. 

Nikhil proudly told the Hindustan Times,

“Opportunities need to be created. In a population of 1.3 billion there are a lot of opportunities. In the first wave we manufactured the ventilators. In the second wave, we delivered the ventilators.

When we say, delivered the ventilators, those are not normal numbers. We delivered close to 2,700 ventilators in just 50 days.

There are certain COVID Care centres in Pune where all the ventilators are provided by Noccarc. These are the kinds of changes we are able to create.”

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Noccarc ventilators

Initially, the name of their company was Nocca Robotics. They weren’t a registered startup and later, after getting a legal notice from an MNC they changed their name to Noccarc.

Nikhil further said that by making ventilators they not only made a change in the outside world but also inside their organisation. They had a positive environment and were able to provide a 3x bonus along with salaries to their workers working on the ventilator project. 

From Being Nothing To Being In Demand

Before the second wave, they delivered 600 ventilators with a single costing Rs. 4 to 4.5 lakhs. Gradually, they saw an increase in demand for their ventilators. Co-founders told YourStory, “To date, we have supplied around 3,000 ventilators across the country.”

Now, the startup aims to get global certification for its products and expand in other countries as well. It is working with at least 500 private and government hospitals across India. Last year, they earned revenue of 15 crores and this year, they aim to earn 125 crores.

The co-founders also said that they will continue to work in the MedTech sector itself after the pandemic ends as it will benefit the company. Harshit told YourStory, “We realised there are a lot of gaps in the sector and there is a huge scope for improvement. The idea is to go deeper into the sector and build not only ventilators but also other critical care devices.”

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Sources: Hindustan Times, YourStory, Noccarc

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