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Ps4 Vs XboxOne: Which One Is For The Players?


It’s not much different than choosing one from Messi/CR7 or Nadal/Federer or Apple/Samsung. Both sides have their excuses and with both consoles starting at 33,000 I.N.R, Xbox One and PS4 have grown to have wide libraries of great games. It has never been a better time to embrace gaming’s latest generation. But which console should you choose? PS4 or Xbox One? Buckle in and press START to begin.


PS4 is quite smaller than Xbox one and requires just a single HDMI cable .Though Xbox one will force you to make space behind your TV, it has three USB ports to the PS4’s two allowing connection choices.

If you’re stuck between the two and design is the deciding factor, PS4 edges past Xbox one.



8GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive and expandable storage:PS4 and Xbox one do justice to their powerful motherboard via swappable SSD drive & external USB 3.0 storage drive respectively.PS4 wins in terms of higher resolution.

The difference between 1080p and 900p will matter to some gamers but if you want to get the best out of those expensive blu ray discs, PS4 comes out on top.


The PlayStation 4 features the biggest change to Sony’s iconic DualShock controller since the original PlayStation. The Xbox 360 controller WAS, quite rightly, seen as one of the best controllers on the market during the last generation. Button placement felt perfect, its triggers were springy and responsive and it felt good in the hand. Hard to say, as both pads are comfortable for long play sessions.




A console isn’t a console without the games.

In the nearly two years since the Xbox One and PS4 were released, we’ve seen a basketful of top games launch for both consoles.From Uncharted 4 to F.I.F.A. 16, you can play all the biggest games on both consoles.But if your tastes are eclectic, Sony’s indie and in-house lineup is irresistible.


Though both PS4 and Xbox One cover most of the essential popular streaming services but Xbox one allows you to quickly switch between playing a game and watching a show. It can also snap your TV feed to the top right of the screen so you can do both at once. If you have Kinect, you can flip through channels via voice commands and see what shows are trending via the OneGuide app.Hence as far as overall experience of consoles go, Xboxone is the one to beat.


PlayStation 4 has sold more than the Xbox One till now which is attributable to slightly better looking games, more powerful machine and value for money. Xbox one started countering by lowering the price, backward compatibility with xbox360 and exclusive titles, but PS4 does justice to its tagline: this one is for the players.

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