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The Car Brands That Have The Prestige Edge


A car to someone can be a bit of a statement. They want to feel good while driving it and even better sitting in it. But with a vast amount of cars available on the road today how do you get the best of both worlds?

Some brands have been tarnished with a cheap and cheerful image which isn’t the case for them these days. Whereas other brands are considered at the prestige end of the market but are quite affordable. A lot can be said to how you feel in the car you drive; it’s you who will be driving it each day. So if you are looking for a car that ticks all the boxes then keep reading.

Here are the car manufacturers that are affordable, have the looks of being a prestige vehicle and are comfortable to drive.


1. Audi


An Audi car was once considered the car of the executives, but it has changed a lot of the brand ethos recently. You will now find that Audi does not only look good but can be much more affordable, giving more people the opportunity to drive these amazing cars. Websites like can provide much more information about the history and how things have changed. From MPV styles to luxury saloons, they can be excellent family cars as well as being the perfect choice for an executive. It can be, after all, all about the image and Audi has bags of style.

2. Volkswagen


Another brand to consider would be Volkswagen. They have some different models now which make this brand far from just being the obvious choice with a Golf. They have delved into the 4WD market with the new Tiguan as well still offering a great range of family and executive cars. Their curved design and amazing on board technology make VW an obvious choice for many. The prices are still mid-range, but you do get a lot of value for the money spent.

3. BMW


BMW is one car that when driven down the road, instantly makes you think of it as an executive and prestigious vehicle. BMW has been the top choice in prestige car buyers for many years and with good reason. A lot of the BMW range has been described as driving around in your armchair. Check out websites like for more information on the range of vehicles available.

The comfort factor is high on the agenda, but with the M Sports range, you also get all the looks of an amazing sports car. BMW has it all. Thankfully the BMW cars are becoming much more affordable to the masses these days, and you can get your hands on one more easily than earlier, making it a solid choice for any car buyer who want’s it all.

4. Infiniti


Finally, the last thing to consider would be the Infiniti brand. It is a fairly new car brand that has entered into the prestige market with a bang. There are only a few different cars in the range from a saloon type to the 4WD. But they are quite special to look at and are laden with the latest gadgets.

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