Lighting plays a significant role in defining public spaces around us. Well-lit surroundings increase the value of the area, provide safety and accommodate for active operations. Airports are of utmost importance to any nation, as they give the runway to a nation’s future. It is necessary to have world-class airports that reflect a nation’s growing economy. When designing or revamping an airport, lighting plays a crucial role in determining its aesthetics and improving functionality.

The airport lighting design must be able to accommodate thousands of individual tasks and operations that are typical of any modern airport. Regardless of the airport’s floor area, or the geographical area it serves; it is vital that the airport is lit efficiently so that all operations are smoothly carried out. With the growing number of air travellers, airports are getting busier and are becoming hubs of business, tourism, and logistics.

There are many areas both inside and outside an airport that require lighting. Not only does better lighting improve safety, but it also helps to make the airport an eye-catching landmark.

Let’s look at some airport lighting design tips:

1. Improve Lighting in Parking Lots

Parking lots are a crucial area for any airport and are often the first impression people will have at the airport. Passengers travelling to the airport will have a sense of safety and be more comfortable when they park their vehicles. Since most airports have an indoor parking, the passengers need to feel safe in areas where there is no daylight available. LEDs being highly effective and other efficient lighting solutions can be incorporated into both indoor and outdoor parking lots. Since indoor parking lots need to be lit 24/7, it is imperative to use cost-effective lighting solutions like LED lights. Also, LED lights can illuminate parking lots precisely without any spillover or light pollution into the surroundings.

2. Easier Navigation for Roads and Tunnels

The roads and tunnels leading to the airport must be sufficiently illuminated. Navigating and reaching to the airport and finding a parking spot can be a fazing task for anyone. When the path towards the airport is well-lit and have adequate signboards, it will make the navigation more comfortable for passengers and visitors. LED street lights, high mast, and floodlights can be incorporated in unison to not only illuminate the path adequately but also make the roads safer for pedestrians and drivers. With the right lighting, the authorities can also minimise accidents while improving traffic flow.

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3. General Lighting at Arrival and Departure Halls

As the busiest areas of the airport, it is necessary to illuminate arrival and departure halls properly. These areas are usually the most chaotic and are always surrounded by passengers. Proper lighting will enable passengers to move quickly and allow security to monitor people closely. Authorities must focus on creating an environment that is both calm and comfortable.

4. Brightly Lit Travellators and Connecting Areas

Airports operate 24/7, and it is crucial that they have ample illumination on the inside, especially where there is no scope for daylight. The connecting areas and travellators act as junctions inside the airport that connect different regions logistically. It is essential to make navigation from one point to another smooth and hassle-free.

5. Customized Lighting for Retail and Leisure Area

Almost all airports have a dedicated area for retail and leisure. When these areas are illuminated with customised lighting solutions, it attracts passengers and keeps them engaged which helps in driving sales. LED lights such as downlights and spotlights can be used to light an area efficiently.

LED lights are the lighting choice of the future, and their quick adoption across all private and public spaces has marked their success. The lighting industry is undergoing a major overhaul ever since the introduction of LED lights in the market. As an efficient lighting solution, LED lights can fulfill every lighting role effectually and must be employed in airport lighting design.

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