Kaalakaandi is making a lot of waves due to several reasons, the music, the crazy and eccentric plot of the movie, Delhi Belly fans are looking forward to something as amazing as it and generally, people just want at least 1 good movie to end this year.

However, more than anything, to me it is the casting of Saif Ali Khan in the role that he has in Kaalakaandi which is extremely interesting.

We just did a blog recently on how this movie has the capability of attaining a cult status and within it, we mentioned Saif’s long-held history of not being afraid to work in off-beat and artsy kind of movies.

And while this seems like something right up his alley, it is interesting to see the kind of contrast that his character has with his real self. Saif Ali Khan the person and actor who has practically everything to wish for plays a character that has turned lunatic after learning of his impending demise, in the movie.

Let us take a look at how these two characters are so very different:

1. Their Origins:

Saif’s character obviously comes from a middle or at the most upper-middle-class family. As we can see from the trailer itself, the character seems to be a typical urban male working a corporate job and earning at least a decent living. The origins of the character are extremely humble in stature.

Saif Ali Khan, the person, on the other hand, comes from royalty, with his father being the Nawab of Pataudi and even Khan himself now being the 10th Nawab. His origins are extremely upper-elite-class with him being perhaps the embodiment of the phrase ‘born with a silver spoon’. While Khan has struggled in his line of profession a bit, the aura of a royal person he carries does not come easily to people.

2. Family Life:

Saif’s character in Kaalakaandi is, at least from the trailer, somewhat of a loner, who obviously does not have any partner or kids and might just not be on the best terms with his parents. Seeing the course his life takes, later on, taking drugs and living life to the fullest after learning of his impending demise can only come when you don’t have anyone at home waiting for you.

Saif Ali Khan, the person not only has a beautiful wife in Kareena Kapoor but also has a new baby and 2 older ones from his previous marriage. His life is full and complete with a big family that lends more emotional and psychological support than you’d think.

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3. Careers:

Saif’s character in Kaalakaandi seems to be working in a typical corporate 9 to 5 job, which could lead to monotony, feeling of being stuck and a feeling of being stagnant. The character relays his straight-laced living quite well when he exclaims to the doctor that he has never smoked or drank alcohol in his life. His eventual turn into lunacy could also be because of him having always lived a very controlled lifestyle that does not leave much area for fun.

The real Saif Ali Khan works in Bollywood, the glittering and glamourous world of actors and actresses, working in exotic locales and earning in crores. Although Khan has not had an easy journey but it is a very volatile and exciting profession where each day you get to do something different and new.

The reason why I believe Khan is perfect to play this role is because of these very differences, the fact that a man like Saif would have to portray a character such as his in Kaalakaandi is intriguing if nothing else.

Also, it only shows the merit of an actor when they take a character which is so far and beyond anything they could relate to and bring it to life on the silver screen.

And of course, I do think we are done seeing Saif in the same run of the mill rom-com films (even if he is perfect for that sector with his funny and cute, chocolate boy personality).

Him pulling off a movie like this will be extremely entertaining to watch and take him away from the same stereotypical movies like Happy Ending, Cocktail etc.

Saif has already impressed audiences with his previous work in films like Being Cyrus and Omkara and frankly I believe we were left high and dry after those impressive performances.

This could also be a good start for Khan, by taking on this cult classic kind of movie, to carving his own niche in the industry.

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