The cruelty free mindset is finally catching up with more and more high fashion luxury brands, the latest one to join it is Prada. 

As per reports, Prada has announced that they will become fur-free that is, essentially stop using animal fur for their products from next year onward. 

While a whole year might seem a lot, it makes sense since Prada will need to cut off its supplies, end any ongoing projects, and figure out good alternatives for the fur and then find their suppliers. 

However, it seems that India might have already been on this bandwagon for some time with many young and prestigious fashion brands already going cruelty free for quite some time.

prada fur free

#1. Grain

Grain, a brand started by Avinash Bhalerao is known for offering their bags for men and women in something called ‘ahimsa leather’. 

This leather is basically made using the skin of non-slaughtered dead animals and recycling that into leather. It gives a more authentic ‘leather’ experience to the buyer without harming the animal. 

#2. Matt & Nat

Started by Inder Bedi in 1995, Matt & Nat (Materials and Nature) apparently, this brand is big on being vegan and using recycled materials. 

That is why the lining of their handbags is made with a 100% of recycled plastic bottles with each bag having about 21 bottles used in it. According to sources, since 2017about 100 million plastic bottles have been recycled.

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#3. Kanabis

Kanabis, an Indian label uses animal friendly canvas instead of leather for their shoes. The name is derived from them using the material which was made from the cannabis plant. 

#4. Rheson

Rheson, the fashion label by Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and her sister Rhea Kapoor has also been in news for being cruelty free and encouraging sustainable fashion. 

Their line of bags made just from vegan materials even won them an award from PETA India called the Compassionate Business Award

The PETA fashion expert Benazir Suraiya said that, “Shoppers’ demand for cruelty-free fashion is on the rise — and thanks to compassionate companies like Rheson, it’s easier than ever to get a killer look without killing animals.”

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Sources: The Business Standard, Vogue India, HuffPost UK

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  1. Thank you for this! With so many compassionate brands, there is no excuse for not shopping cruelty-free. Animals are not fabrics!


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