The Woman and Her Story

Lizzie Velasquez, a world-renowned activist, author and motivational speaker suffers from a rare medical condition that prevents her from gaining weight. At the age of 30, she weighs mere a 29kgs. Lizzie is also blind in one eye.

Her parents were informed about this illness right at birth. Yet, instead of abandoning her, they chose to raise her with all possible love. Lizzie grew up like any other kid and had a positive image about herself.

Problems seeped into her life when she joined the school. On the first day of her school, a kid ran away from her calling her a ‘ghost’. Her not-so-attractive appearance invited people’s stares and derogatory comments wherever she went.

At the age of 17, she came across a YouTube video labelling her as the “World’s Ugliest Woman”. Surprisingly enough, she was told by people to point a gun at her head and shoot herself, for the sake of the fright she incited in their dingy minds!

Lizzie faced severe online bullying. She has been a butt of filthy memes and jokes on various social media. 

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She Fought Back

Having entertained enough of nonsense from mindless haters, Lizzie launched an anti-bullying campaign in 2014. She posted a YouTube video titled “How Do YOU Define Yourself?” The video was watched by millions and has garnered Lizzie immense love and support from all over the world.

Since then, Lizzie has been giving profound motivational speeches, speaking not just for herself, but for all those people who are daily trolled and bullied online. She has also authored several ground-breaking books. Her words are filled with the humblest charm and strike the right chord in the heart.

Why She Never Sought To Cure It?

Both Lizzie and her parents acknowledged early on that the way she looked was an essential part of her uniqueness. She regards it as a part of her identity and thus doesn’t wish to alter an inch of the way she is.

Lizzie’s incredible story pushes several buttons on our minds and hearts. What right does anyone have to judge, humiliate or question the way somebody looks? Well okay if you don’t like the way someone looks, why not just turn your head away and mind your business?

None of us get to choose the way we look. Lizzie accepts her uncommon looks and has not only reconciled with it, but also has learnt to love herself the way she is.

If she can, why can’t we? Let us try to be comfortable in our own skin, accept ourselves as we are, because that is how we are going to live better and happier.

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Sources: Independent UK, Huff Post, National Geographic

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