Fashion is always something that the common people associate with big brands, expensive clothes and generally only saved for special occasions.

The daily life is not meant for fashion really, where you buy budget clothing that is meant for everyday wear, and that still exists for millennials, who are even more conscious about their expenditure than the previous generation.

While I will not deny that brands and good quality clothing is important to millennials, at the same time though they would rather not frivolously spend all their money on expensive clothes just for the name tag.

After having had discussions with friends and co-workers I’ve seen this growing mentality of millennials wanting quality and budget even if the brand is not that well known.

I again came across the concept of ‘value fashion’ in a piece by India Retailing but while it says that mainly the small towns and Tier III and IV cities have it, I do believe it is slowly rising in popularity in metro cities too.

These are the few fashion retailers that I have seen becoming known in my circle and even to the general population:

#1. Fashion Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is certainly something that is India’s Walmart (US) or Tesco (UK), a department store where you can find practically anything and everything.

It certainly made shopping for everyday things from vegetables, food, clothes, raw ingredients, household items and more easier.

It also helped that the cost was extremely budget friendly, but at the same time, that did bring a certain image of it being a place for only housewives and families to buy their basic things.

Not something you would choose to buy clothes you would be wearing outside the house.

However, Big Bazaar has been on a rampage for the past year or so, by launching its Fashion Big Bazaar sector and focusing more on the millennials by widening their fashion range to be more alluring.

I for one have been seeing a lot of advertisements for it but the changing factor came in when they roped in Varun Dhawan and Katrina Kaif to endorse the brand.

budget fashion

It was certainly something of a surprise since these are youth icon stars whom a lot of young people relate to, and getting them was a good move.

Fashion Big Bazaar is somewhere that I and a lot of my friends and acquaintances have frequented to shop for quality affordable clothing.

#2. V-Mart

A few months ago a friend came across this YouTube ad of Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar for V-Mart and while researching for this article, it helped to cement how such value fashion retailers were also gaining speed now.

V-Mart is more a Tier II and III city store but even has branches in metro cities like Delhi, and more.

An acquaintance who is a college student swears by this store and actually has said that it offers some good clothes at a decent quality without hurting her small budget.

#3. Max Fashion

My mother brought back some really nice clothes once and I was even impressed by the quality and design, you could easily find them in big stores like Fab India or W for Woman with an expensive price tag.

But she told me that she got them at a really cheap price in something called Max Fashion store, which my relatives also said was a great place and something they visited often since it is just good enough without hurting the pocket.

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#4. Pantaloons

Pantaloons is somewhere that I spent my childhood at and have bought many clothes from.

The starting price range for the store starts from somewhere around INR 200 for shirts and for jeans is around INR 400 or so. Which to be honest, is extremely cheap since you get about the same rate roaming the sometimes stuffy lanes of Sarojini Nagar market.

#5. Westside

Westside is another childhood favourite, but in recent times have seen them do a revamping of not just the store but their collection too.

While it is not as cheap as Big Bazaar, it is still not as high as international brands like H&M or Marks and Spencer and such.

They certainly seem to be working on improving the quality of their products and it is showing since I have started to once again hear the store’s name in many conversations on WhatsApp groups.

It is also good to see that millennials are foregoing the brand-conscious mentality and focusing on getting quality even if it comes from slightly lesser known places. I’ve observed that people are growing less skeptical of such places and also not as judgemental as they were before.

What do you think? Which one is your favourite, or is there another value retail store that can give a tough competition to over-priced international brands?

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Sources: India Retailing, Fashion Big Bazaar

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