People from Jammu and Kashmir staged a silent protest yesterday at Jantar Mantar. The event was held in opposition to the scrapping of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

The centre in its recent move, revoked article 370 on Monday 5th of August, which granted special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This was followed by deployment of local police along with paramilitary forces in the region and imposition of curfew under section 144.

So people from the region have come together with an objective to give a voice to their voiceless families. The decision of the Government has been strongly condemned by the protesters as they considered it to be unconstitutional and unfair to the people of the region.

How The Decision Affects People

It is said to have incurred deep brutality in their minds and hearts. This has been remarked because they believe that such an important decision was taken for their motherland without taking their views into account.

Further, the move has been regarded as a betrayal to the people of the region, since their consent was not taken into account into the issue.

The disappointment aroused with the dismissal of the views of Jammu and Kashmir and the act of keeping them disconnected through blockage of the broadband network has further aggravated the rage.

They believe that a country which considered Jammu and Kashmir to be an integral part cannot and should take any decision for its people arbitrarily and unilaterally. They have strongly voiced out their right to a part and parcel of the decision being made for a region to which they belong.

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It has deeply hurt and saddened people. They have also voiced against the current situation in which the region has been put into featured by cutting off of internet services and strict military surveillance. The participants have voiced out the extent to which it has threatened the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Students who are residing away from their homes are under intense tensions, as they haven’t been able to contact their families. They are experiencing mixed emotions of fear, betrayal, rage.

Further the situation of being reduced into a stage of helplessness has frustrated the people even more. However, what stands remarkable is their zeal to be hopeful about their region, that they can and will correct whatever wrong according to their opinion is being done to the state.

“We are sad, we are scared, we are helpless but we are hopeful and we want people to listen to us,” said one of the protestors.

The current situation in the country and especially in the Kashmir Valley is a tense one. As people in the valley are not aware of the decision passed by the Parliament, we are yet to see the after-effects of such a situation and the number of complexities that it might entail.

Sources: The Hans India, Newsclick, The Hindu +more.

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