I am in a metro, writing a blog with mixed feelings of both anger and sadness.

I haven’t been through a breakup or fought with my friend, no, I just fought the demons of our society.

Five minutes back, I became a victim of the vulgar and pathetic thought process of some Indians who think that if a girl is walking on the streets, they get a right to shame and humiliate her. Pathetic!

I am writing this sitting in a metro not because I want to make a spicy story out of it as soon as I can but because I want to convey the immediate and bare feelings of a girl to the readers of this blog.

I am a person who goes out for work regularly and being a student, I’m pretty immune to the stares of the bystanders. I’ve got used to it but what happened today was unbearable.

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What Happened

After completing some work, I was going back to my place. I generally take a metro and so I was headed to the metro station.

The nearest metro station was about a kilometre away so I decided to take an auto but since none was in sight, I resolved to walk down to the station. It is hardly a 15 minutes walk and it wasn’t the first time I was walking on that street.

The cherry on top was that I was relying on the bystanders because it is not an isolated street. To my surprise and utter disappointment, I counted on very wrong people.

I was headed to my destination when a bike stopped by and the two people sitting on it started giving me weird looks. I ignored and moved forward but the bike moved along with me, at the same pace as I was.

I increased my pace and the bike also did the same. I was not completely confirmed of their ill intentions till the time they didn’t utter those ugly words from their mouth.

They started calling me names and said, 

Rate bata Apna”; “Chalegi humare saath“.

I was shocked.

However, what was more shocking was the reaction of the bystanders. They didn’t come to support me, not even a single person. I could see their eyes judging me for my sense of fashion and way of walking and this statement stood true for men and women alike.

I ran till I was breathless and for those who are thinking why I didn’t take any picture or anything, I didn’t because in broad daylight, in a busy street, I was running for my life where no one came to my rescue.

Today, I was robbed of my dignity by not the bikers but the people who kept on looking at the scene like shooting of a movie, doing nothing. I’m sorry to say this but if our society is like this, I’m ashamed to be born here.

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