Valentine’s Day might be a day of romance for some, but for many it’s a day of chaos and destruction. More than the actual couples or romantic people, it seems as if the singles and other people are invested in the various different ‘days’ leading up to 14th February.

These are ones flooding the internet with memes revolving around every single day before 14th Feb, be it Chocolate Day, Rose Day, Teddy Day or any other asinine day that might have been created over the time.

Sure, most of the time these posts are poking fun at couples who are overly enthused about these days along with creating a community for singles and anti-romantic people who just want a break from the incessant advertising and promotions going on online leading up to Valentine’s Day.

So how could the actual day be left bereft, which is why it was totally on brand to see something like ‘#YeRashiKonHai’ on Twitter on this dastardly day.

Who Is This Rashi?

Early Monday morning onward a peculiar hashtag ‘#YeRashiKonHai’ was seen trending on Twitter.

Someone had apparently posted a photo of a Rs. 20 note and written on it ‘Rashi Bewafa Hai’ meaning Rashi is unfaithful.

Now for many, this might take them back to 2016 when the ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa hai’ was raging across the internet and literally every single person was making memes, posts, videos and so much more revolving around this unknown Sonam and how she was unfaithful.

Till yet there has been no information on who exactly wrote this on the note, who first posted it online, whether it is just trying to bring back the ‘Sonam Guta bewafa’ craze, or this is just another jilted lover using the same tactic.

Or perhaps it could even be just a random person wanting for something to go viral especially with Valentine’s Day on us.

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Sadly the question of ‘Yeh Rashi Kon Hai’ has still not been answered.

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