Organic is the go-to word for today’s generation. Everyone is hell-bent on buying only organic food. And why shouldn’t they?

Afterall organic food is grown using natural fertilizers, it contains more nutrients than your normal veggies and specialized farming techniques are adopted for cultivating these vegetables. Organic veggies are the best. Or are they?

Well, this article is gonna break a lot of ‘vegetable lovers’ hearts. Organic vegetables add little nutrition to your body but cause a big dent in your paycheck.

The vegetable v/s organic vegetable battle has been raging on for so long that it is hard to decide which of the two should actually be on the plate of a hungry man.

But we finally have our answer to the question that are organic vegetables worth their weight? Dive in to know that.


The first factor to go against organic vegetables is their high price.  Go to any local vegetable store and you would know that on an average, organic vegetables can be as much as 50% more expensive as compared to normal vegetables. Now, do you believe in “organic vegetables waste of money” school of thought?

Often this higher price tag does not mean higher quality. The quality of a vegetable grown on an organic farm is more or less the same as that grown on a normal farm.

But why the high cost then? Well, the high price is to suffice the added cost of fancy and useless techniques used to grow organic vegetables. Not only this, big labels often end up with huge profit margins just because people relate anything “organic” as being the best.

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In 2010, a study done by the university of Guelph reveals that the so-called organic pesticides used in organic farms can have far-reaching consequences on the environment as compared to their synthetic counterparts.

Further studies carried out by Aarhus University reveal that organic pesticides are responsible for producing far more greenhouse gases. The harvest is done using big machines which further contribute to the lost cause of organic veggies.

Certain conventional farming techniques are often ignored in the name of modernization. These age-old farming techniques are what increase the yield of a crop manifold.

Therefore, the yield of organic vegetables is often low and so is their availability.


Still holding on to the hope that organic vegetables are the answer to all your nutritional requirements? Hahahahaha.

Well, actually the nutritional benefits of such veggies are no different than normal vegetables. This means that eating organic gobhi and ghiya is no better than normal gobhi and ghiya.

In a study done by The Americal Journal For CLINICAL NUTRITION, it was found out that organic veggies contain only slightly more micronutrients than conventional ones. To put it simply, if you want to become healthy, eat vegetables. Organic or not.

For years, many studies have been manipulated to show that organic vegetables are healthier than normal vegetables.

Is it just propaganda to fuel the growth of a new business/economic sector? 

 A report published by University of California in 2010 suggests that normal vegetables actually contain pesticide content mostly within the set limits. Conventional veggies retain their taste and are easier to cook too with the ‘cherry on the cake’ being their cheap price.


Look, if you want to be a part of this idiotic trend of eating “organic vegetables” then be my guest. But if you want to be a ‘smart vegetable eater’ then purchase your veggies from a local market. Believe me, those veggies will not only be the best for you in all aspects but also save you huge bucks.

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