Every once in a while, few movies are released which are a perfect representation of #SquadGoals. Movies which you can watch and relate to only if you’re with your closest, most adventurous and crazy friends who know your modest and compassionate side as well as the crazy f**king demon that lives inside you, be it the Hollywood outings like The Hangover and American Pie or the Indian ones like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara, Pyaar Ka Punchnama or the upcoming Kaalakaandi.

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What’s important here to note that as much as these movies give you their fair share of humor, dark humor, satire and allow you to show your feelings to your “bros”, these movies leave with you certain invaluable lessons about friendship, companionship and the crazy ordeals of life, in general.

The type of “buddy-road-trip” or “one-night-gone-wrong” films which we have these days are often aimed at the younger audience to generate a feel of relativity because the kind of millennial angst and freedom that these movies encourage you to exhibit, you can’t really feel that while watching these movies with your family when every “naughty” scene is enough to cause 50 awkward looks among each other.

History Is Evident:

We saw it with the release of the American Pie franchise in the US that as much as it was necessary to “get some” in you college years, it’s also necessary to abide by the bro code, respect the ladies you “do it” with and most importantly, don’t rush it and take it slow.

Coming to India, the culture of buddy movies was prevalent but the kind of mainstream significance which these movies got was revived by the likes of Fukrey, ZNMD and the Pyaar Ka Punchnama duology.

Lessons We Learnt:

These movies openly explored the topics of sex, dark humor, satire, gold digging, relationships and ended up giving us some pretty cool advice which we never could’ve received in such a relatabale manner from our parents in a million years.

All in all, if you watch these movies in with your close knot squad and the friends who know you in and out, you might just end up learning new things about your friends, too!

The Future:

The future for such movies is surely bright if you look at what’s in the stable, with movies such as Kaalakaandi giving a fresher take to this type of storytelling. In its essence, the word Kaalakaandi simply means “things that go disastrously wrong” and the trailer of the movie surely solidifies the name, with some hilarious moments for all to see in a classic “one-night-gone-wrong” scenario.

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But yes, there’s a lesson to see here. The trailer of Kaalakandi makes it evident that Saif’s character has stomach cancer and in a real life scenario, I’m sure a guy who’s in such a situation will be supported the most by his best friends who know him through and through.


Kaalakaandi Feature Image

So why not roll back the years dial up that squad which you’ve spent the craziest years with because some lessons, just can’t be learnt in the 4 walls of your home and a need a little peer-to-peer tomfoolery.

Go watch Kaalakaandi next week in a theater near you with your crazy squad!

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