2017 wasn’t really a good year for all the foodies out there. NDMC sealed a lot of our favourite cafes and restaurants in C.P. after the roof of one of the cafes collapsed.

The collapse of roofs in CP due to rooftop party places, dance bars and heavy seating.

Another blow was closing down of more than 50% of the McDonald’s outlets in Delhi (here’s why).

43 out of 66 outlets were shut.

2018 seems to be a close relative of 2017. Things aren’t changing as more of our favourite cafes and restaurants are shutting down one after another. This time though, it’s NDMC behind it all.

After a Supreme Court judgement in December 2017, NDMC has sealed a lot of illegal structures (shops/cafes/restaurants) in different markets, be it CP, Khan Market or Defence Colony. The decision is in furtherance of violation of the master 2021 plan for New Delhi.

Here are the cafes that have shutdown so far:

1. Khan Chacha in Khan Market

Now, I understand that there are a lot of other outlets of Khan Chacha. But then Khan Market was nearer for most of the Delhiites. Ain’t nobody got time to search for one an outlet that’s far far away and go.

No more such queues, sigh.

2. Moets in Defence Colony

One of the oldest restaurants of Delhi, Moets also faced NDMC’s wrath. It was shutdown a few days ago by the special committee established by the Supreme Court’s judgment.

NDMC sealed
It was well known for its Sushi but well…

Everyone is still clueless about whether it’s going to open again or is it shut forever now.

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3. Aka Saka in Defence Colony

Aka Saka, again, one of the oldest fine-dine in the city is known foritss multiple cuisines and affordable alcohol. NDMC didn’t spare this favourite of ours and nada, closed!

And that’s NDMC officials and Delhi Police upto seal off business.

4. 4 S in Defence Colony

4 S Chinese Restaurant is known for its Chinese cuisine and fine dining. A lot of students flogged the place all day long as it was known to serve the best food for a budget.

Isn’t this just sooo pretty? Say, goodbye.

Other than these restaurants, NDMC sealed 8 major establishments on the first and ground floor in Khan Market. These shops were apparently illegal according to the law which was created for this particular market. The shopkeepers weren’t paying the conversion to commercial setup charges, according to the authorities.

Following are the most affected establishments: Mamagoto, Ritu Kumar’s Fashion Store, Fab India, The Blue Door Cafe, Sham Di Hatti, Raghavendra Rathore’s Store, Civil House, The Chatter House, La Bodega and Aquamarine.

Major portions of the rooftops of these shops have been sealed. However, these are till open and functional on their regular floors. 

Well, although sad that we’re letting go of all our favourite places but at least this way we’re actually preventing a major mishap that could have happened had NDMC not paid any heed.

Like they say, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Picture Credits: Google Images

Sources: Hindustan Times, NDTV

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