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What’s in the name?



So as NEW YEAR starts ringing bell, people travel a lot from one place to another place. This article is for all the travel lovers, who know a lot about the countries they want to go to but do not know much about it’s respective people. If one describes  “delhi-ites” as cheerful and fun loving ( dil walon ki nagri = dilli)  and if that is all you know, then read on to know much about the globe:


If you were to sit by a clock and if all the Chinese were to pass before you one at a time and if you were to count one at each tick of the clock then 12 years will pass by. If all the people in the world were collected together, out of every 3 – one would be  Chinese.


Germans are very kind and pleasant in their families. They are affectionate and careful and cautious. It would be well  if they were more neat and clean , especially the poor people.


Here parents like to make their children little men and women . They take them where they go , keep them up late and let them eat food which they would like to savour. Children of 5 or 6 years old often dine with company of parents when they ought to be alone with their mamma and papa or else otherwise sleeping in the nursery.


What is the character of English? What sort of people are they? Probably ‘Bruttish’ because they enslaved us! Well, English people do not like the company of strangers (may be that is the reason they treated us as strangers in our own country :p ), nor taking up much trouble. They like best being at home and this is right. They are very much afraid of being cheated and thus they are careful and prudent and they are too fond of money.


New York is the chief city. It contains about a quarter as many people as London. Here you can find amusements of all kinds. People are elegantly dressed. It may be called city of strangers, for people come from all  parts of America to pass the winter here. There is no place in whole world where so many ships are collected in one spot as in the harbour of New Orleans (though it is a dangerous place to live in after hurricane Katrina swept in ). But the river lies in the bane. This world class city is also known as BIG APPLE.


The men are tall and strong. They are simple people- kind and good natured and particularly honest. In summer nights, which are quite light and very hot, the people leave their doors open and no thief comes in, not even in the towns.


Rome is the capital and once it was capital of the world. This is the place where Pope lives. He is the chief of all Roman Catholic religion . Naples is much more beautiful than Rome and it is in the shape of half- moon. This place is called a bay and the people are always moving and talking fast and the streets are full of carts and carriages laden with people.


This is a place where we find ‘Sumo’ wrestlers and people here are polite, it’s in their nature to be much politer than Chinese- but very proud. Japanese are quite an elite society where they are a learned nation, they can read and write and understand geography , arithmetic and astronomy. But its has 3 terrible enemies as it is exposed to danger from FIRE, from WATER and  from WIND. The waves dash with violence on rocky shores; the wind often blows in fearful hurricanes; while earthquakes and hot streams from the burning mountains ( as we saw in 2013).



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