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What To Explore, What To Do, Places To Visit When In Bangalore


In a city like Bengaluru, the race is against the clock. People native to the city – who spend their entire lives here – are still complaining that they haven’t seen all of it, and their list just keeps growing!

Not surprising though, that fact isn’t. The Silicon Valley of India is like a sprawling colony of mushrooms: erratic and popping. There is always that “new fish in town”. It has become the central hub of start-ups and new ventures: a long way from the boring old software-engineer-wala-city.

Moreover, it is not surprising that to maintain the lifestyle of the 11 million citizens of varying economical and cultural backgrounds and even different nationalities, the city has developed into one of the finest in the nation.

Following Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” theory, some of the businesses in the city have really made a mark. Here, we enlist those places that you MUST NOT MISS when in Bangalore…

Windmills Craftworks: For the beer


In a place like Bangalore, the 6 p.m. is a crucial time: it’s the end of the 9-to-5 office hours and everyone is out looking for refreshment. By refreshment, I obviously mean a chilled pitcher of well-brewed beer. Now, one can’t afford luxury all the time, but when you want to avoid the PTSD of your boss’s PMS, you need that special drink.

Thus, Windmills Craftworks.

Located very strategically in Whitefield, this place is nothing short of mind-blowing. Everything about it is inviting: be it the ambiance, the interiors, and the music, the beer, the food, or the people. You can either occupy one of the many plush seats or – if it’s not too chilly – lounge in their open air balcony or the terrace. The food is amazing, the beer better… But they come at a price… Though personally, I believe the Manhattan experience is worth it.

Savandurga: For the best Trekking


Not one for the crazy city life? Don’t like the pollution, traffic and long waiting hours of Bangalore? Or just Misanthropic (general hatred for humans)? Well, that’s okay. The Indian Silicon Valley has a “valley” part to offer too: Bangalore is encircled with natural scenic beauty. The Western Ghats give this region a multitude of topography that is exhilarating to conquer for the biophile.

Savandurga is breath-taking. The smooth slopes of the conjoined “Black hill” and “White hill” provide a fun trek which even beginners can ascend, while there are tougher routes for the more practiced. But like all things in life, the top is the most beautiful. The view is timeless and the wind heavenly. And when the clouds descend to welcome you to the hill top, it’s the best feeling ever. No exaggeration!

Wonder La: For the Amusement

wonder la

You can’t go to Bangalore and not go to WonderLa. It’s Wonder Lalalalalala!(Sorry ‘bout that) But that IS nearly what happens when you go to this place, situated way too far from the city. But that’s kind of a necessity when you are looking for a getaway: you need to get away, after all! So Wonder la is a cool place for laying off all that stress accumulated during weekday work hours.

With all that having been said, be wary of the rides. Some may not be for everyone, while some may be overused. The wave pool for example: it has children pooping in it more often than I can manage to bear.

MTR: For the best breakfast


This is Bengaluru we are talking about! Dosa is world famous in entire India, and other south Indian rice-based recipes are cooked on stovetops all over the world. So if you say that you want a good breakfast, I would take you to where it all started: in the heart of the mother city.

MTR, or Mavalli Tiffin Rooms is the brainchild of the Maiya family started in 1924. Since the past nine decades, Indian households have been preparing South Indian cuisine out of the ready-to-make mixes of MTR. Bangalore enjoys a different level of pleasure altogether: they are served by the creators. Though a commercialized brand now, their food still has the authentic taste of the traditional Kannadiga recipes and the service is homely. All in all, this is where the Good Morning is.

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Sidewalk Cafe: For the Pizza and Hangout


The M.G. Road region is one of the most happening areas of B’lore – obviously, it’s MG Road! There are also many options for eating there itself, but the noisy drone and crowd are omnipresent. So, I prefer exploring the niche and hidden corners – just for the sake of some peace and quiet.

The Sidewalk Café at Shanthala Nagar seemed just perfect in that aspect. Though it’s not the closest to the market area, but it will give you a peace of mind and a belly full of amazing food. Their wood fire oven baked pizzas are a must try. Overall, a pleasant environment and good food for a not-so-expensive price range.

Commercial Street: For the street shopping


Every time I go to Bangalore, I make it a point to visit Com-Street (as it is more commonly known) because I CAN! This place is so cheap that it’s unbelievable – even a student feels rich here. The entire market is on the street – not in a stuffy mall – and that makes shopping here an “experience”.

But if you don’t have all day, find the place called Safina Plaza. I once went and there happened to be a sale on the entire stock of Allen Solly and Van Heusen. Got two gorgeous pairs of heels for 700 each. And original stock, too! Such sales are pretty common, hence it’s a must go for those who like to spend less for more.

Corner House: For the World’s best Ice cream


After a long day of work or even chilling, when you get out to get some air and maybe indulge your taste buds, you look for “kuch achha” to eat. If in B’lore, answer is obvious: ice cream in Corner House!

This is where Bangalorians indulge in sinful but heavenly delights. A native company, started in 1950s, Corner House serves the best homemade ice cream that every child should grow up with. Everyone loves ice cream, but this is where the ice cream loves you back: it’s like the Moto G of frozen confections. The experience here is why ice cream is called comfort food. You could walk in wearing your PJs or you could be dolled up from the party, no one cares – ice cream doesn’t care!

They have various branches peppered all over the town; choose the one closest to you and order at least two. Don’t worry about the minor details, everything is good!

Shathayu Ayurveda Wellness Centre: For the Indian Spa Treatment


A city like Bengaluru can tire you out. But then, it also provides the antidote: the Shathayu Ayurveda Centre is one of the few places in Bangalore where the clouds stay away. Though that is not uncommon in South India to find extensive Ayurveda facilities, the service and staff of Sathayu set it apart from the crowd.

It’s the kind of place where the hardworking women of the city come for a cool off. But it’s ok even if you are a man… they won’t turn you away. Either way, it’s the antidote to a hard life of struggle in the small town of Bengaluru.

So that’s my list of the places that must make it to your Bangalore itinerary. Depending on your tastes and preferences (and even budget), you must visit as many of these as you can. Bangalore has a lot to offer, let us know if you are done with these; we will tell you about more!

In case we can’t, you can check out honest reviews given by real people on Tellofy – it says the truth: tells you as is…

Also, let us know if there are places we have missed out – places and experiences that you want to go to or the ones that haven’t left your mind since you visited!

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