In the 21st century, where love dynamics are shifting and couples desire to live together before tying the knot. However, even today live-in relationships are looked down upon.

A new person to comment on the live-in-relationships is Union Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, Kaushal Kishore and he has also welcomed flak for the same.

Minister’s Comments

Blaming live-in relationships causes crime, Kishore remarked that “educated girls” should not get into such relationships. He referred to the Shradha Walkar murder case.

He said that educated girls leave their parents behind and go on living with their boyfriends which later leads to crimes. He, instead suggested, girls should go for court marriages.

Union Minister, Kaushal Kishore

Talking to News18, he said, “It is the responsibility of girls also, as they leave their parents, who have reared them up for years, in one go. Why are they living in live-in relationships? If they have to do so, there should be proper registration for live-in relationships. If parents are not willing publicly for such relationships, you should have a court marriage and then live together.”

“These incidents are happening with all those girls who are well educated and think they are very frank and have the ability to make decisions about their future. Such girls get embroiled in this. The girls should take care as to why they are doing so. Educated girls are responsible as both the father and mother had refused the relationship. Educated girls should not get into such relationships,” he said.

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MP Priyanka Chaturvedi Demands Resignation 

Soon after the comment was made, Priyanka Chaturvedi criticized the minister and requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to sack him for his “blame-the-women” comment.

She took to Twitter and wrote, “If @PMOIndia really means what he says about women Shakti then he must sack this Union Minister immediately. We the women have had enough of carrying the burden of such patriarchal rubbish in society.”

Describing the comment as heartless and cruel, she wrote, “Surprised he didn’t say girls are responsible for being born into this nation. Shameless, heartless and cruel, blame-the-woman-for-all problems mentality continues to thrive.”

About The Shradha Walkar Murder Case

The gruesome murder of Shradha Walkar took place in Mehrauli, Delhi and she was murdered by his boyfriend, Aftab Poonawala with whom she was in a live-in relationship.

Aftab allegedly strangled Shradha and later chopped her body in 35 pieces. He used to keep her body remains in the refrigerator which he solely bought for this purpose.

The comment about live-in relationships made by Kaushal Kishore referred to the above mentioned murder case.   

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