Millennials are known for many things good and bad. They have almost entirely changed the structure of our society and the way we operate. 

From social media to education to work-space and even general relationships have all been affected by this generation and their own way of dealing with things. 

But with all the positives, there are also some negatives attached with millennials such as them being too entitled, sensitive, and most importantly disrespectful. 

Millennials and even post-millennials are most often accused to being extremely disrespectful generations who do not give any value to past traditions or how they feel they are above all this. 

However, speaking as a millennial and talking from experience, I can say that this is absolutely not true. We definitely do give respect, just in our own way.

Here I’ve even taken a look at the contrast between how millennials and older generations give respect to age, experience, traditions:

Give Attention

Older Generation:

There used to be a time when giving respect to an elder or senior would be conveyed by removing one’s hat. 

That or folding hands and giving a namaste used to be how people would give attention to elders and show them that the younger person was acknowledging the senior. 


Nowadays removing your earphones, closing your phone or laptop is the utter mark of respect. 

You are now giving full attention to the elder and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a younger person do this. 

Millennials Show Respect

How To Show Anger

Older Generation:

Would the older generation have ever dared to curse or abuse someone else in front of their parents or any elder?!

They would have drank poison but never done so, knowing the kind of thrashing that would await if their parents heard them using such bad language. 

It was almost unheard of and cursing or scolding someone else was done in hushed tones in a private corner. 


Millennials are no longer worried about all this nonsense, and can almost curse in front of their parents. 

Granted not the F word, but small, innocent ones like shit, hell, besharam, etc. are totally fine. 

Also the more you share with your parents or elders the more the respect there is, in our heads. 

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How To Act In Front Of Guests

Older Generation:

One my older relative was telling me of how back in their days the youngsters would never dare to sit and chat up with the elder guests if their mother was speaking with them. 

You just had to show your face, do a small namaste to show you had manners and then disappear off the face of the earth. 

The mother would then wander into the kid’s room and show they were studying like good students. 


With millennials it is actually the total opposite where if you are gracing the guests/relatives with your presence you are actually admitting they are cool enough to hang out with. 

It is actually an honour for the guest in question, that the youngster is willing to spend time with them and not rush off into their room. 

Addressing Other Elders

Older Generation:

The older generation was very aware of the different and varied relations that they had. They somehow knew each relative and the relation: a bua, a mama, a chachi, a mausi etc etc. 

They made sure to address each elder according to their respective relation and nothing else. 


With millennials it is a big deal if they don’t outright call you aunty. 

To be honest, it is not really that millennials are disrespectful, it is more that with the new generation open and aware of various things they are no longer as dependent on the older folks. 

And so they don’t really feel the need to spend that much time with seniors. They tend to not go out of their way to ask for things, thinking it would be interfering and like their own space to work things out. 

The new generation wants to live on their own terms, they can take decisions themselves so don’t like to depend or ask elders which I can understand could seem disrespectful to the previous gen. 

If you have any more interesting ways that millennials show respect, do let us know in the comments below. 

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