Watch: These Places Have Claimed To Become The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Who would pass up a visit to the Seven Wonders of the World? Many people have it on the top of their bucket list.

I feel proud to be a citizen of a country with one of the seven marvellous wonders. The Taj Mahal, a creation of Shah Jahan, is a symbol of our cultural heritage.

The Great Wall of China, the Christ the Redeemer Statue (Rio De Janeiro), Machu Picchu (Peru), Chichen Itza (Mexico), the Roman Colosseum (Rome), the Taj Mahal (India), and Petra (Jordan) are the Seven Wonders of the World.

More than 100 million people worldwide voted to declare the new Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

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Lately, many people have started claiming new places and monuments as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

So, we present to you a list of eight other sites that have taken part in the race to become the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Watch this video to know which ones could be it.

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