A new song by Kashmiri rappers has been getting some attention for talking about all the positive progress being seen in the region.

The song called “Badalta Kashmir” is performed by MC Raa and Humaira Jan and speaks about the new face of Kashmir. The music video shot in different parts of Kashmir Valley talks about how well the region is doing in various areas like safety, terrorism, women’s issues and more.

It also sheds light on how people of various religions coexist peacefully in the valley along with the G20 meetings in Kashmir, the rise in tourism, Digital India, Amarnath Yatra, and more.

The music video to the song was uploaded on 3rd December to MC Raa’s official YouTube channel.

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The song also features Humaira Jan, a 14-year-old Kashmiri female rapper who has been in the news for her rapping about social issues especially the status of women in society.

Hailing from the Central Kashmir region, Humaira entered a rap battle in 2021 at the tender age of 12 and was the only girl among the 15 artists participating.

Talking about the reaction she got she said “The first reaction from others was how could a young girl rap. They laughed and made fun of me,” but Humaira ended up winning the rap battle.

In an interview, Humaira said “There will be many people to pull you down. Don’t let their words affect you, otherwise you will feel miserable and disappointed. I am not an idol or a sensation, I have had my fair share of trolls and negative comments. I only look at the positive ones and move ahead. Life happens only once, I don’t have time for regrets.”

People also raved about the song on social media platforms with user @GuaharM on X/Twitter writing “The best thing about recent developments in #JammuAndKashmir is its inclusiveness, especially women’s empowerment. It’s heartening to see that Kashmiri girls are foraying into unconventional fields like rapping. More power to them.”

User @chalhattbeyee commented “Never thought anything like this can come out of Kashmir and that too by a Girl. Kudos to @MC_Raa__ and Ayziee” while user @aquibmir71 wrote “Youth of Kashmir loves India. Youth of Kashmir is against Pakistani terrorism.”

The government of India’s Instagram page also shared the music video with the caption “The youth of Kashmir have spoken, and that too through an energetic rap song! Listen to the song that encapsulates the emergence of #NayaKashmir.”

Along with that former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina sharing it wrote, “This Kashmiri artist showcased pro-level rapping, well done. #JammuAndKashmir”.

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